Sharm El-Sheikh Shows, Concerts & Sports
Sharm El-Sheikh Shows, Concerts & Sports

It is an Egyptian resort town within the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. Sharm el-Sheikh is known for its covered clear waters, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. Sharm El Sheikh Tours offer panoramic sightseeing and amazing vacation leisure time. The Sharm El-Sheikh Shows And Concerts conducts all the vacationers out there.

Dolphin Show In Sharm El-Sheikh

  • Your eyes will get enthralled by the power and grace of these beautiful marine mammals as they perform an incredibly choreographed show, with their skilful masters.
  • Dolphin show is very popular all over the world. Buy tickets and reserve your seats for the famous dolphin show in Sharm el-Sheikh. See the bottlenose dolphins and their trainers performing a precisely choreographed show of dives, jumps, and tricks. This show, is suitable for all ages, and this venture is fabulous for families.
  • This show is an opportunity for all the family, big and small, to appreciate the sheer intelligence of these incredible creatures – the second smartest animals on the planet after humankind – and see real live dolphins up close. Memorial photos and DVDs will be available to buy after the show finishes.

Total Desert Experience From Sharm El-Sheikh

In Sharm El Sheikh you can enjoy a complete desert experience on a full Day Trip Of Sharm El Sheikh into the Naama Desert set out on a 2-hour quad adventure and steer your bike across sandy plains and secluded valleys.

Sports In Sharm El Sheikh

The large number of tourists stopping at Sharm El Sheikh are never disappointed when it comes to sports and adventure activities. Activities ranging from golf, tennis, bowling, ice skating, bungee jumping, go-carting, any water sport imaginable, horse riding or safari trekking, Sharm El Sheikh Tours offers them all in a family oriented way.

Sports Activities In Sharm El Sheikh

  1. Bowling Alley
  2. Ice skating
  3. Horse rides and stables
  4. Camel Rides arranged through local vendors
  5. Karting in Ghibli Karting track
  6. Water Sports- Various Water sports available in Sharm El Sheikh include parasailing, kite surfing, wind surfing and water skiing.

Also a popular fishing spot, Sharm El Sheikh Shores Excursions invite you to a fun filled Trip In Egypt. The shows and sports activities add on to the entertainment value of the port city. To book participation in different Sharm El Sheikh Shows, concerts and sport activities, call us @ (+20) 100 002 7316,.

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