Sharm El Sheikh Top Attractions
Sharm El Sheikh Top Attractions

South Sinai’s tourist paradise, Sharm El Sheikh is another Red Sea treasure-trove that offers tourist Red Sea and Sinai’s beauty on platter.

Here are some basic attractions of Sharm El Sheikh

Beaches and Islands:

The azure bay and exotic island are least of Sharm El Sheikh’s attraction. But they do take a major part in offering tourist world’s best beach retreat. Among them, tourist seeks again and again the following:

  • Gold Beach
  • Ras Um Sid Beach
  • Naama Bay
  • Naqb Bay
  • Shark’s Bay
  • Tiran Island
  • Pharaoh’s Island

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Red Sea Treasures:

The beaches of Sharm El Sheikh are popular for various things. But what draws most tourists is Red Sea. popular wreck sites, coral reefs and abundant and exclusive marine life of Red Sea is one of them. However, some popular wreck sites are:

  • Wreck SS Thistlegorm
  • Rosalie Moller Wreck
  • Dunraven Wreck
  • Shag Rock
  • Straits of Tiran
  • Red Sea Riviera
Parks and Museum:

Many under water parks and some water parks provide this Red Sea coast enough attention as it is. But museums have their place in drawing tourist too. Most sought after parks and museums are:

  • Ras Muhammad National Park
  • Nabq Protected Area
  • Peace Square
  • Adrenaline Beach Park
  • Cleo Park
  • Aqua Blue Water Park
  • Sharm Papyrus Museum
  • El Zeyad Papyrus
  • Porto Sharm
Other Attractions:

Apart from these terrific attractions of Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai’s land attractions add fuel to the fire. Attractions such as:

  • Mount Sinai
  • Saint Catherine’s Monastery
  • Dahab
  • Blue Hole
  • Coloured Canyon
  • Al Mustafa Mosque
  • Heavenly Cathedral
Casino and Market:

To top of it off, unlike other Egypt destination, it doesn’t have limitation to after sunset fun and entertainment. So day or night, enjoy Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Sinai Grand Casino
  • Aladin Casino
  • Naama Bay Casino
  • Sharm Old Market

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Tiran Island

Tiran Islands are a part of the Ras Muhammad National Park, located at the entrance of the Straits of Tiran, connecting the Red Sea to the

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Sharm El Sheikh Top Attractions

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