Sharm El-Sheikh Walking And Biking Tours
Sharm El-Sheikh Walking And Biking Tours

Sharm El Sheikh the city on the southern point of the Sinai Peninsulais known for its white sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. Apart from the coastal shores the area is also known for its embowered roads and lined up adventure rides. In Sharm El-Sheikh Walking And Biking Tours, these adventure rides offer you a memory of a lifetime.

Sharm El-Sheikh Quad Bike tours:

Exploring the Sinai Deserts- A fun way to explore the Sinai desert is the Quad Bike tour in the hot Egyptian desert sands of Sharm el-Sheikh perfect for families, with little or no experience required.

Climb into the Egyptian Desert on four wheels on this fun family-friendly quad bike venture from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Hop aboard a rugged quad and take an exciting ride across the sands for sunrise and sunset trips.

No quad biking skill is necessary when it comes to speeding up with confidence, beating the dunes and reefs and soaking up the stark majesty of the desert landscapes in the light of the morning sun or the golden sunset.

Sharm El-Sheikh Walking Trips

  • Learn about the St Catherine Monastery:

You can walk through the St Catherine Monastery, located in a beautiful environment at the foot of Mount Sinai on the alleged site of Moses’ Burning Bush St Catherine Monastery is one of the oldest and most prominent Christian monasteries in the world.

Can traverse St Catherine Monastery by visiting the main church, the burning bush, the Well of Music etc.

While moving towards you can enjoy the way at a beautiful valley with lovely sand dunes. You can directly go to the Catherine Village and can visit the monastery of St. Catherine which lies at the foot of Mount Moses in the core of South Sinai.

Meanwhile, you can visit the museum of the monastery which contains the oldest symbols and manuscripts of the early stages of Christianity.

St Catherine Monastery is the world’s second largest collection of illuminated manuscripts after the Vatican.

  • Mount Sinai Climb and St Catherine Tour:

See the sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai on a hiking trip from Sharm el Sheikh to one of Egypt’s highest mountains.

Scale the hill in the predawn darkness, see first rise illuminating the mountaintop chapel and mosque, then descend to the 6th-century Monastery of St. Catherine, built where Moses is assumed to have seen the Burning Bush.

After getting down from the peak, you will hit the Monastery of St. Catherine. During the ages, the abbey has become one of the most prominent monuments of Sinai.

The amazing Sharm El-Sheikh Walking And Biking Tours welcome you to the city. Enjoy your family or friend get-together and beat the heat of the Sharm El-Sheikh Outdoor Activities Tours with us.

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