Tiran Island

Tiran Islands are a part of the Ras Muhammad National Park, located at the entrance of the Straits of Tiran, connecting the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba which is 2000 metres deep cut in the bottom of the sea.

Activities Available On The Tiran Island

  • An incredible snorkelling point, the Tiran islands have an unusual aquamarine life.
  • Another common sport is wreck diving. Surrounded by coral reefs and snorkelling lagoons in the Red Sea, the islands have long sections for wreck diving. The wrecks of the Sangria seen on the island beaches with the doomed hull rising above the sea surface are a spectacular view.
  • The lagoons surrounding the island are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and diving. The Tiran Islandsfamous for excursions and diving tours are a must-visit.

Boat trips on the Tiran islands

  • From Sharm El Sheikh, boat trips to the Tiran islands, exploring Ras Mohamed National Park and its clear waters has a thriving marine life.
  • Crossing the thin Tiran Straits that divides the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba, you slip into the water above the island’s brilliant coral reefs.

Marine life

  • The on-deck midway delicious buffet midst the dolphins is a not to be missed opportunity. The traditional kofta lunch, salads and Bedouin bread are quite tempting.
  • You can watch the dolphin pods enjoying your meal on the decks in the bright Egyptian sunshine.
  • Revelling in the sparkling waters of the Red Sea, the beautiful corals leave you amazed. Floating over multi-coloured reefs, watch for exotic fish, rays and turtles.
  • A close encounter with wildlife and aquamarine life gets you closer to Mother Nature.

Coral Reefs On The Island

  • With changing tides, large quantities of water flow through the narrow strait and cause strong currents. A ridge pushes up, north to south, in the centre of the Tiran Strait. On the highest elevation, lies four coral reefs, Gordon, Woodhouse, Thomas and Jackson.
  • The currents in these reefs are home to a diverse variety of corals and big fish swarms. You can also spot barracudas, snappers and sharks.

The Tiran Island spreads across 80 square kilometres. An important sea tunnel to the ports in Jordan and Israel, the islands are the narrowest section of the Tiran Strait.

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