Sharm El-Sheikh Private And Custom Tours
Sharm El-Sheikh Private And Custom Tours

An Egyptian resort town within the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea, Sharm el-Sheikh is known for its covered clear waters, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. Sharm El Sheikh Tours offer panoramic sightseeing and amazing vacation leisure time.

Some Of The Tours Include-

Tiran Island from Sharm El Sheikh Small-Group Tour:
  • From Sharm El Sheikh, boat trips to the Tiran Islands, exploring Ras Mohamed National Park and its clear waters has a thriving marine life.
  • Crossing the thin Tiran Straits that divides the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba, you slip into the water above the island’s brilliant coral reefs.
  • The on-deck midway delicious buffet midst the dolphins is a not to be missed opportunity. The traditional kofta lunch, salads and Bedouin bread are quite tempting.
  • You can watch the dolphin pods enjoying your meal on the decks in the bright Egyptian sunshine.
  • Revelling in the sparkling waters of the Red Sea, the beautiful corals leave you amazed. Floating over multi-coloured reefs, watch for exotic fish, rays and turtles.
Jeep Safari Adventure-Private Tour:

Explore some of the Sinai Desert on a classic Jeep venture to Dahab. You can go through the sands and visit the beautiful underwater landscapes of Ras Abu Galum and the Blue Hole—snorkel gear. After exploring the places, you can eat fresh fish on the beach, ride a camel along the coast, and travel the charms of Dahab town.

St Catherine Monastery-Private Tour:
  • St Catherine Monastery, located in a beautiful environment at the foot of Mount Sinai on the alleged site of Moses’ Burning Bush, St Catherine Monastery is one of the oldest and most prominent Christian monasteries in the world.
  • Can traverse St Catherine Monastery by visiting the main church, the burning bush, the Well of Musi etc. St Catherine Monastery is the world’s second largest collection of illuminated manuscripts after the Vatican.
  • While moving towards you can enjoy the way at a beautiful valley with lovely sand dunes.
  • Meanwhile, you can tour the museum of the monastery which contains the oldest symbols and manuscripts of the early stage of Christianity.
  • After getting down from the peak, you will hit the Monastery of St. Catherine. During the ages, the abbey has become one of the most prominent monuments of Sinai.

If you are looking for a great beach destination, the Red Sea’s warm water is an invite to fulfil your vacation plans.

Egyptian Holidays are something that words can’t do justice. But with every foreign travel, there are some precautions and measures you need to be aware of. For any travel, you need Egypt Travel Tips . Plan your Sharm El-Sheikh Private and Custom Tours with us. Call us or visit our website for more information.

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