Egypt Travel Tips

Let’s get you acquainted with Egypt for the most memorable holiday you can ever imagine. This Egypt Travel Tips will give you a complete information you should know before visiting Egypt

Government Info:

Official Name : Arab Republic of Egypt

Capital : Cairo

Governorates : 27

Main language : Arabic

Currency : Egyptian Pound

On Tentative List : 33 properties listed

Rural and Urban Areas : 371

Main religions : Islam, Christianity

World Heritage Sites : 7 properties

President : Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Prime Minister : Sherif Ismail

Government And Environment:

As is the norm, the President of Egypt is the head of the state. Whereas, the Prime Minister of Egypt is the head of the Government. Together, a balance is maintained.  The National Committee for Environment comes under the Prime Minister’s key agency that deals with environmental responsibilities. Due to lack of enough arable lands, population and pollution, Egypt’s wildlife has suffered and is now the main focus of Government.  Being a desert country, the environment plays a significant role in the tourism world. With Nile River literally saving the life of Egypt, Gift of Nile is an apt name of Egypt.

Egypt Travel Requirements:

Like every foreign travel, Egypt also needs some basic preparation and information update.

  • Egyptian Passport And Visa Authorisation : The first thing that needs to be up-to-date is passport identification and authorisation to visit Egypt legally. No need to tell why. For detailed visit at Egypt Visa and Passport Requirements

  • Egyptian Cultural Customs And Traditions : The next requirement is to know about the unique culture and traditions observed in Egypt, so as not to offend while enjoying the sentiments of our host. To gain insight on Egypt cultural system, see Culture And Customs Of Egypt

  • Egyptian Food And Culinary Details : Most times, food in a foreign land becomes a high expense issue. So see Egyptian Food and Drink to have traditional food in your trip.

  • Egyptian Special Ocassions And Celebrations : Missing a wonderful time or getting there and being surprised may not be something you wish for. For Egypt’s occasion details, see Festivals and Events in Egypt.

  • Egyptian Transport Systems : This is a very useful and important requirement when you travel. Knowing your transport options will enable you to enjoy the trip without unnecessary hassle. See Egyptian Transportation more details.

  • Egyptian Holidays Observations : Every nation has different national holidays that if not known will hamper your holiday plan in a major way. So, see Egyptian Holiday Calendar and plan accordingly.

The Egypt Traveller’s Survival Kit:

A holiday in Egypt is something that words can’t do justice. But with every foreign travel, there are some precautions and measures you need to be aware of. For any travel, you need Egypt Travel Tips like,

  • Egyptian Entry requirements

  • Egyptian Local laws and customs

  • Egyptian Money

  • Safety and security

  • Egyptian What to Wear

  • Egyptian Weather

  • Egyptian Health And Safety

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