Mohammed Khalil Museum
Mohammed Khalil Museum

Mohammed Khalil Museum is the oldest and largest museum of Egypt houses the biggest collection of Ancient Egypt Artefacts.

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most attractive Egyptian Sites and an interesting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors. Egypt has listed above 50 museums and still many have still to find their way to the list as it has reached the heart of tourist worldwide.

Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Egyptian Museums that Egypt has to offer. Let’s break them up according to their locations:

General Info

Name: Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum
Established in: 1962
Location: 30° 2′ 8″ N, 31° 13′ 11″ E
Opening Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm
Place: Giza
Type: Art Museum
Collection Size 208 works
Closed: Friday & Saturday


Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil Pasha and his wife Emiline Lock lived in a palace that was built around 1920. On the memory of Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil Pasha and his wife Emiline Lock, it was turned into museum in 20th century. It was first opened in July 1962 but was converted back into President Anwar El-Sadat’s executive offices in 1971 and the museum was moved. The museum was moved back after restoration in 1993.


The French Ardico style palace with the eastern side overlooking the Nile, carries some features of the Arnoveau Style making it evident from the metal and glass skeleton above the entrance of the palace.

The Palace is four storied and built on an area of 1400 m2. The collection of artworks by the couple is by far the largest personal collection in Egypt.

The collection includes:

  • Rare and precious vases
  • Small art pieces by Chinese artists perfected with rare stones like crystal de Roche, Gad and Emeralds etc.
  • Small art pieces made of precious stones
  • Bronze, marble and lime statues by Rodan, Pari, and Hordon and so on.
  • Small Arno boxes – Japanese Style


  • Artworks of Paul Gauguin, Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Auguste Rodin and Vincent van Gogh are among the art collections here.
  • A fine collection of Impressionist paintings, mainly collected before 1928 competes with most European National Collection.
  • After restoration, a cafeteria, a gift shop and a modern lecture theatre for film screenings and cultural activities was added.
  • The state-of-the-art gallery called the Ofouq One Gallery is reserved for travelling exhibits.

Top Items

  • A Van Gogh Painting known both as Poppy Flowers and as Vase and Flowers was estimated 55 million dollars.
  • Renoir’s Young Woman Wearing a White Tulle Tie was Khalil’s 1st purchase for 400LE.
  • Gauguin’s Life and Death was one the expensive paintings around US$ 85 million.
  • Monet’s Bridge Over Water Lilies and Westminster Abbey series
  • Ingres’ Odalisques
  • Rodin’s The Thinker and The Kiss
  • Fromentin’s oil painting were other highlights of the museum.

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