Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis, The Southernmost Oasis of Western Desert in the depression about 160 km long and 20-30 km wide is the largest and most populated of Libyan oases.

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General Info

Governorate: New Valley
Name: El Dakhla
Location: 25° 30′ 0″ N,
28° 58′ 45″ E
Area: 2,000 km2
Population: 75000
Main Town: Mut


  • During 12th dynasty, a trade route from middle Egypt to Sudan became very demanding which resulted in building the caravan route Darb el Arba that converges through the desert via different oases.
  • Kharga Oasis was one of those resting place which was built into a fortress by Romans.
  • It was considered Southern-western gate and the temple of Hibis that reflect Pharonic, Persian, Ptolemaic, and Roman eras beautifully became the focal point of Egypt.


Summer: April – Oct

June: Hottest month – Avg. Temp. Of 40°C and sunshine for 13 hours

Winter: November – March

January: Coldest month – Avg. Temp. Of 22°C and sunshine for 9 hours


Normally some extensive thorn palm, acacia, buffalo thorn and jujube growth can be seen. If we elaborate, then it’s like this. 7 vegetation types are recognized here as well as Dakhla:

  • Aquatic Vascular Plants –
  • Urticularia gibba and Potamogeton pectinatus (freshwater)
  • Ruppia maritima and Zannichellia palustris (brackish water)
  • Najus graminea and N. Minor (shallow irrigation lands)
  • Lemna gibba and L. Aequinoctialis (free floating water bodies)
  • Aquatic Green Algae –
  • Nitella spp. and Chara spp. (stagnant water)
  • Reed Swamp Vegetation –
  • Typha domingensis and Phragmites australis
  • Halophytic Vegetation –
  • Wet salt marshes such as Cyperus laevigatus
  • Dry salt marshes such as Cressa cretica
  • Psammophytic Vegetation –
  • Alhagi graecorum
  • Tamarix nilotica
  • Cultivated land –
  • Date palm
  • Olive
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Grass
  • Waste Land In the vicinity of cultivated ground –
  • Hyoscyamus muticus,
  • Sporobolus spicatus,
  • Fagonia arabica,
  • Cyperus laevigatus,
  • Aeluropus lagopoides,
  • Polypogon monspeliensis
  • Xerophytic Vegetation –
  • vascular desert plants
  • Endemic species Restricted to Kharga –
  • Ducrosia ismailis Asch. and Pimpinella schweinfurthii Asch.
  • Rhazya stricta Decne

Economic Sectors

The economy of the oasis depends on:

  • Agriculture And Services
  • Tourism
  • Local Administration

Agricultural Products

The main cultivated products are:

  • Date palm
  • Olive
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Grass
  • Fruit trees
  • Clover

Important Sites

  • Archaeological sites:
  • Ain El Beleida (Roman)
  • Ain El Labakha (Roman)
  • Ain Manawir (Persian, Roman)
  • Ain Shams El Din (Coptic church)
  • Ain El Tarakwa (Roman)
  • Ain Tauleib (Roman)
  • Deir Mustafa Kashef (Coptic monastery)
  • Deir El Munira (Roman)
  • Gabbanat El Bagawat (Coptic cemetery)
  • Gebel El Teir (Prehistoric times)
  • El Nadura (Roman)
  • Qasr El Dabashiya (Roman)
  • Qasr Dush (Greco-Roman)
  • Qasr El Ghuweita (Late Period)
  • Qasr El Gibb (Roman)
  • Qasr El Zayyan (Greco-Roman)
  • Sumeira (Roman)
  • Temple of Hibis (Persian – c. 6th century BC.)
  • Umm El Dabadib (Roman)
  • Umm Mawagir (Middle Kingdom, 2nd Intermediate Period)
  • Cemetery of Bagawat
  • Museum of Antiquities of Al Kharge

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