The EL Faiyum Oasis in Egypt near Nile River is largely depended on Nile water than freshwater.

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General Info

Governorate: Faiyum
Name: El Fayoum
Location: 29° 27′ 13″ N,
30° 34′ 51″ E
Area: 1,270 km² – 1700 km²
Population: 3,10,000
Main Town: Faiyum


  • First human habitation of the Faiyum is recorded in 7200 BCE.
  • Then it was used for agricultural purposes around 5200 BCE.
  • It became the preferred hunting grounds for kings and nobles during the Old Kingdom called Ta-she, the Southern Lake.
  • The city named Shedet was established and was a sanctuary for crocodiles.
  • Greek called it Crocodilopolis which is now called Kiman Faris.
  • Between 3rd and 5th centuries, the oasis went into decline.
  • Even though Roman restored it, they were unpopular.
  • Arabs successfully invaded, but still it went into decline during Ottoman period.
  • Many wars and fights were involved before Muhammad Ali revived its failing economy with agriculture. Slowly the land has come a long way into modern era and is gaining prosperity with various means.


Summer: April – Oct

July: Hottest month – Avg. Temp. Of 28°C and with no precipitation

Winter: November – March

January: Coldest month – Avg. Temp. Of 11°C and with a little precipitation


  • Lake Moeris is the primary location for the presence of marine, fluvial and continental environment.
  • Whereas in Lake Qarun, species like Tamarix nilotica, Nitraria retusa and Alhagi maurorum are found mostly. Even salt-marsh vegetation is seen in brackish water from the main drainage canals.

Economic Sectors

The economy of the oasis depends on:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Fishing

Agricultural Products

The main cultivated products are:

  • Cotton
  • Cereal
  • Clover
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Fruits
  • Rose trees
  • Fig
  • Grapes

Important Sites

  • Karanis
  • Bahr Yussef
  • The Pyramid of Hawara (The Labyrinth)
  • Archaelogical sites of EL-Lahun
  • Site of Crocodilopolis/Arsinoe
  • Madinat Modi
  • Qasr Qarun
  • Dimeh Al Siba
  • Wadi el Hitan (Whale Valley)

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