Hurghada’s foreign and domestic tourism industry a top-notch industry of Egypt owing to its dramatic landscapes and long stretches of natural beaches. Hurghada has a dry and temperate climate all year long. The calm and clear waters of the Red Sea is famous for various water sports. Various Temples and places make this a cultural destination in Egypt.

Top Things To Do While Taking Hurghada Cultural Tours:

Giftun Island

The beautiful coral reefs and beaches are a must see in Giftun, east of Hurghada. It has some of the best deep-sea diving sites in the world.

Magawish Island

The island has an abundance of beautiful corals. You can sit peacefully on the Magawish Island beaches and watch the dolphins play in the waves.

Mahmya Island

You will never regret visiting Mahmya’s little paradise. If you ever get tired relaxing on the Mahmya Island, you can walk over to explore the magnificent reefs, a short swim from the shore.

Fishing Tours

You can embark upon a real adventure in the Red Sea with a Fishing Tours. Join a trip with the instructors to master fishing and snorkelling techniques in the best fishing areas.

Mini Egypt Park

The most famous memorials of Egypt clustered in the Mini Egypt Park are small models of Egyptian landmarks. If you miss visiting Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria and the castle on your Egypt Tour, the park gives you an opportunity to see them all.

The park grounds several other monuments like Library of Alexandria, the Cairo Tower, Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, The Temple Of Abu Simbel and the castle of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

El Gouna

The lagoon town of El Gouna has numerous fishing stops. Small Venice as it is known, El Gouna is all sands under the sun. The hotels connected via bridges. The small boats running through canals complete the Venice look.

Dendera Temple

Built-in 125 B.C., the Dendera Temple is a majestic landmark 3-hour away from Hurghada. Exploring all the corners of the temple might take up to 2.5 hours or more.

You can enjoy a buffet lunch right outside the temple along with a 30-minute sailing trip on the Nile

The Nile Cruise

Hurghada is the starting point of a beautiful journey. The Nile Cruise From Aswan To Luxor has some of the most beautiful intermediate stops. You get to see Egypt’s best ancient sites. Sightseeing along the Nile, beautiful Luxor valleys of the Karnaks and the Philae Temple are bound to attract your attention.

Hurghada Cultural Tours is a complete package of watersports, canyons, rivers, temples, model parks and islands. Hurghada tour is refreshing and informative at the same time. To book your Cultural trip to Hurghada Today!

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