Hurghada Cruises & Water Tours
Hurghada Cruises & Water Tours

The Red Sea tourism has given birth to present day’s 20 km long coastline city, Hurghada. Home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and marketplaces or souks as the locals call it, Hurghada Cruises And Water Tours has emerged as one of the best travel destinations. Renowned for water sports like scuba diving, Hurghada is the beach resort town of modern Sekalla district.

The reason behind Hurghada’s famed water tourism include-

  • Calm and clear water
  • Numerous watersports available
  • Training schools for scuba diving and snorkelling

Diving sites in and around Hurghada-

  • Abu Ramada Island
  • Fanadir
  • GiftunKebir
  • Giftun Soraya

One can also visit the El Mina and Rosalie Moller shipwrecks.

Snorkelling With Dolphins

  • You can go snorkelling among the lovely dolphins on your 8-hour tour from El Gouna to Hurghada.
  • Venture far into the Red Sea searching for dolphin pods.
  • Searching for dolphins when you explore the underwater world, you see densely populated marine life including vibrant corals and tropical fish.
  • Snorkelling with dolphins in the Red Sea is a full day boating excursion.
  • Enjoy your lunch with the dolphin aboard your comfortable excursion boat.

Private Boat Trips

If you have a group or you are a couple and want to enjoy private time, private boats are what you are looking for. Private Snorkelling charters without stranger eyes staring at you make it a day to remember.

  • Intimate settings with your loved ones, enjoying the privacy the perfect snorkelling places are far away from the crowds.
  • You can visit up to 3 coral reefs admiring the spectacular marine life, dolphins and sea turtles.
  • Private boat trips are perfect tour options for families, couples or groups.
  • Experience the beautiful Red Sea both above and below the water on your cruise ships.

Hurghada Winds

The powerful and Windy In Hurghada make it suitable for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The resorts in Hurghada have lovely lagoons with board and kite rental facilities for water sports during high tides.

Deep Sea Diving

Hurghada is renowned for diving activities around the globe. Hurghada is a suitable dive spot for many reasons.

  • Clusters of coral islands
  • More than 10 islands within day-trip range
  • Suitably extended dive safaris and liveaboards

Encounter sharks, giant eels, and manta rays in the deep waters of the Red Sea and Guy Buckles’s dive sites.

Red Sea Marine Park

In addition to the Ras Mohammed National Park, several other islands attract marine colony status in the Red Sea.

Sammadai National Park Or The Dolphin House

  • The Dolphin House has become the nub of the dolphin frenzy.
  • The Sammadai waters attract hundreds of tourists and host 30 boats every day. The place warmly welcomes the inexperienced snorkelers with trainers.

Hurghada Cruises And Water Tours are way of inviting beach of Egypt. Get in touch with us to book your cruise and water tours. We are there to assist you in all possible ways to assure an exquisite tour.

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