Egypt Local Laws And Traditions

Egypt is the diamond glory of Africa. However, like other African states, it has certain laws that protect the citizens and tourists equally. And since tourism is its bread and butter, tourists’ pleasure and protection is considered as a part and parcel of its culture. Let Egyptian Tourism show you its heart and let you experience a timeless adventure.

Local Laws

  • Ladies of the societies are expected to follow strict rules of clothing. So even if you can wear anything, be careful to be covered. Even males are not allowed to go bare-chest.
  • On closed days, people are not allowed to wander the streets.
  • Drinking alcohol other than the licensed restaurant is not allowed.
  • Use or trafficking of illegal drugs is a serious offence. So, be careful of what cosmetics, smokes and medicines you use. Check out if they are legal or not.
  • Taking photos in some areas are prohibited.
  • Take your shoes out and women cover their heads and hands before entering holy places such as mosques, tombs, churches, even some homes and so on.
  • Friday is a holy day for Islam is generally observed as closed day.
  • Respect the Traditions And Culture Of Egypt, don’t drink or do PDA (kisses, hugs, dancing) in public.
  • If you are a visitor, have photo identification with you always.
  • In the ticket line, foreign women stand with other women in a queue.
  • In underground train cars, elderly ladies always get first preference.
  • During Ramadan, dress strictly conventionally and avoid eating, drinking and smoking in public places.
  • Using the left hand for eating is an offence if knives and forks are not used.


  • Egyptian Invitation: It is custom to refuse any invitation initially but when an Egyptian decides to invite you really, they repeat the invitation. Never dishonour that invitation outright. If you can’t honour the request, always excuse
  • the next time, then saying blatantly no. and if you accept an invitation, attend it no matter what, otherwise host will be humiliated.
  • Gifting an Egyptian: When meeting people, it is a custom to gift. But while gifting check the gift equals the host’s status.
  • Tipping: To tip, an Egyptian is a custom that is accepted and expected. For a smooth trip, it is recommended to carry Egyptian change. Offering tips to people who helped you however small is expected and considered an offence if not offered. Tipping should be spontaneous and a great way to create an impression on people but don’t offer tips to professionals or people of your status. If you want you can gift them as a gesture of friendship.
  • Egyptian women: Egyptian women are known for their modesty and respected highly. Most of the Egyptian men prefer to get married to virginal women who value family values. Speaking directly to Egyptian women is not allowed, but you can speak to them through a local or a family person.
  • Holy Places: Places of worship are the most revered places for Egyptians. Tourists are expected to show respect by taking out their shoes before entering, covering bare hands and heads before entering it. Use sober and covered dress, especially when visiting a mosque or church. Friday is considered as the most sacred days of the week.
  • Public Gestures: When meeting or leaving a group, handshaking, fake kissing cheeks, clapping on backs to the members of same-sex is seen in general. So, you can offer handshakes, smiles, thank-yous in Egypt to show your appreciation. While sitting, tuck your legs inward, and sit conservatively. Showing impatience and anger in public is considered rude.
  • Gifting Meat: If you are gifting meat to a Muslim Egyptian, be sure it is killed according to their ritual. And gifting pork and alcohol like champagne is strictly forbidden. Never ask for alcohol up-front and don’t show legs while eating. That is in short, dress conservatively, sit modestly, show respect to their culture and follow their customs when in their presence.

These things may sound too much and tricky and NILE HOLIDAY understands that. That is why we always show you the dos and don’ts of Egypt while visiting, so you can enjoy Egypt’s mystic and colours without fear of offending the culture and laws. Have a magical trip that will warm your heart year after year…

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