Food, Drink And Culinary Art Of Egypt

Food is not just about eating, it is an experience. While travelling this experience can be doubled and make a life worthy experience. For Egypt, food is a form of expression. So, if you are in Egypt or planning an Egypt holiday, here is a guide to the heavenly bliss of Egypt Food Culture.

General Info:

Egyptian Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, North African
Food Features: Vegetable dishes, bread, cheese, wine, meat
Non-Veg Features: Fish, sea food, rabbit, chicken, duck, pigeon
Spice Features: cumin, coriander, cardamom, aniseed, bay leaves, parsley, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, mint, dill, chilli

Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian food is rich and simple. Use of spices makes it rich and yummy. Below is the name of some must eat Egyptian dishes that will make a heart full and mouth wet.

Egyptian Bread:    Aish Baladi

Egyptian Cheese: Gibna Domiati

Egyptian Vegetarian Dish:
  • Koshary
  • Ful Medames
  • Falafel/ Ta’meya
  • Colocasia soup
  • Gebna Makleyah
  • Mahshi
  • Bamia
  • Torly
Egyptian Non-Vegetarian Dish:
  • Fatta
  • Egyptian Feta Cheese Omelette Roll
  • Hawashi
  • Mesakka
  • Phyllo Meat Pie
  • Kofta/ Kebab
  • Shakshuka
  • Shawerma
  • Mulukhia
Egyptian Side Dish:
  • Hummus
  • Baba Ghanoush
  • Besara
  • Tahini salad
  • Dukkah
Alexandria Dish:
  • Kebda iskandarani
  • Feseekh
  • Sayadeya

Egyptian Sweets

Desserts are always a speciality in every country because with every mile, the flavours and cooking skills differ. Egypt is not going to leave it behind either. Here are some delicacies that rule Egypt culinary arts.

  • Halawa
  • Baklava
  • Irea
  • Khoshaf
  • Ghoraiba
  • Konafah
  • Umm Ali
  • Basbousa

Egyptian Drinks

Being a tea and coffee country, the flavours of teas and coffees are second to none. But the fruits, milk-producing country competes in beverages department as fiercely.

  • Variety of Teas
  • Turkish Coffee, Americano, Espresso etc.
  • Strawberry juice
  • Mango Juice
  • Qasab(Sugarcane juice)
  • Watermelon juice/ Cantaloupe juice
Herbal Juice:
  • Karakadey (hibiscus juice)
  • Tamrhindi (Tamarind Juice)
  • Qamar Al-Din (Stewed Apricot juice)
  • Kharoob (Carob juice)
Milk bevarages:
  • Sobia (coconut with milk)
  • Sahlab (orchid, coconut, milk, nuts)
  • Mowz bil-Laban (Banana with milk)
  • Jawafa bil-Laban (Guava with milk)

And so on… the list doesn’t stop here…

But be careful of where you eat and what you eat. In Egypt, foods are rich as well as simple. Eating street foods in streets may not be what your stomach can accept. So, let NILE HOLIDAY give you the authentic but palatable eating experience in Egypt’s hallowed grounds. Eat, Live and Celebrate…

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