Marsa Alam Outdoor Activities
Marsa Alam Outdoor Activities

Marsa Alam as an Islam dominated destination and due to cultural difference doesn’t allow you to indecent exposure. But as a beach location, tourists expect to enjoy a little exposure and swimming. Which is why the resorts and hotels come with their private beach and indoor pools. You are allowed to wear whatever in your private company. But that doesn’t take away all the outdoor fun.

These outdoor funs are the highlights of Marsa Alam Outdoor Activities. Here is a list of some of those:

  • Sightseeing – you can enjoy Historical sites, nature parks, enjoy desert sky etc.
  • Overnight camping –visiting Bedouin villages and exploring Eastern Deserts has its own charm.
  • Camel Rides – you can get traditional camel rides both on beaches and deserts and experience a rocking ride.
  • Quad bike rides – These happening rides are highlights of desert trips and excursions.
  • Boat rides – boat hires enables water transfer to liveboards but you can enjoy catamaran sailing to enjoy dolphin watching.
  • Scuba diving – Red Sea is famous for its Dive Sites. Hence, scuba diving is the central attraction of Marsa Alam water sports.
  • Snorkelling – next to scuba diving, snorkelling is the major activities that enable to enjoy Red Sea marine life up close.
  • Kite surfing – Marsa Alam offers perfect climate and spot to enjoy kite surfing.
  • Shopping – El Quesir, the ancient town is the ideal place where tourists flock for shopping.
  • Water sports – Marsa Alam is famous for water sports and now Water Park makes a spectacular addition to the already cool spot.
  • Day trips and excursions – these trips and excursions mix various activities and fun to make Marsa Alam top destination.
  • Hot balloon ride – Balloon rides gives a very different vision to Egypt holidays.
  • Cultural tours – you can visit sites nearby such as Edfu, Kom Ombo, Luxor etc. to explore Egypt’s cultural colours.

Let NILE HOLIDAY bring you all Marsa Alam Outdoor Activities that will make your Marsa Alam Holiday, everlasting pleasure..

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Marsa Alam Outdoor Activities

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