Marsa Alam Cultural Tours
Marsa Alam Cultural Tours

Marsa Alam is another Red Sea Gem that has draws people from all nationality and age. With Marsa Alam Cultural Tour experiences cultures of Marsa Alam to present…

Things To Do

Marsa Alam brings you Red Sea and Eastern Desert adventures on a platter. Egypt’s recreational getaway and a growing tourist destination, Marsa Alam shows a different picture of Egypt as an exotic beach destination.

  • With scuba diving and snorkelling, explore the coral reefs, marine life, wreck sites of Red Sea.
  • Beaches too offer many activities like kite surfing swimming, sun-bathing (restricted to your resort private beaches)
  • Port cities with bazaars and markets and of course nightlife activities.
  • Historical sites and Mining remains have their own story to tell.
  • Nature preserves with both marine and desert wonders are ready to show you how amazing and exclusive Egypt is.
  • Desert Safaris brings you up and close with Desert adventures and tribes whose hospitality will win you over and over.
  • Seafood and tribal cuisines will give you a gastronomic cultural tour.
  • Many water sports, the one and only Water Park and Astronomy centre are just a few names that are ready to blow you away.

Get ready for many more activities and adventures that Marsa Alam Cultural Tours has in store you.

More Cultural Trips

Apart from these Cultural Tours Of Marsa Aslam, there is also trips you can make to Egypt’s golden cities that will give you the taste of Ancient Egypt. Such as:

  • Cairo Tours from Marsa Alam
  • Aswan Tours from Marsa Alam
  • Luxor Tours from Marsa Alam
  • Abu Simbel Tours from Marsa Alam

You can also have joint trips. Such as:

  • Edfu and Kom Ombo from Marsa Alam
  • Abu Simbel and Luxor from Marsa Alam
  • Cairo and Luxor from Marsa Alam

Last not the least; don’t miss any Trips To Pyramids and Cruises In Nile.

NILE HOLIDAY brings you these exceptional Marsa Alam Cultural Tour which you can choose and tailor-make anytime…

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