Marsa Alam Day Trips & Excursions
Marsa Alam Day Trips & Excursions

On the west of Red Sea, Egypt southern eastern coastal town, Marsa Alam enjoys a wide range of tours and activities that make tourist queue up to explore this beautiful Red Sea Riviera.

Marsa Alam Day Trips

These day trips allow you to indulge in a particular activity that draws tourist to Marsa Alam. Mostly, every Red Sea coast has its own water sports and diving sites to explore. But, they all have some Egypt in them that make these trips extraordinary. Many activities are converted and elaborated into Marsa Alam Day Trips. On top of the list are:

Scuba diving trips

Red Sea dive sites and liveboards all round makes it an excellent spot to engage in some underwater adventures. The coral reefs and wreck sites are the highlights of scuba diving trips. Explore Red sea treasures with these diving trips.

Snorkelling trips

The shallow beaches and lagoons along with the dive sites do invite to immerse you in the enchanting underwater world of Red Sea. The colourful coral reefs, green tortoises, sea cows, dolphins do present a spectacular vision of marine life that screams to be explored.

Desert trips

The traditional camel rides and quad biking is the highlight of these trips. Explore Eastern Desert with quad bikes, hot air balloon etc.

Shopping trips

El Quesir is the local town near Marsa Alam which is tourist shopping Mecca. You can get exceptional bits and pieces like papyrus items, alabaster statues, and clothing and leather goods. There are traditional Bazaars and weekly markets that bring out Egypt’s colours to forefront. You just have to exercise some haggling skill which is norm of Egypt shopping.

Marsa Alam Excursions

Day trips usually undergo 1 full day, whereas excursions mean more detailing and may be days long in their ventures. Marsa Alam Excursions are gives tourist immense fun and chance to explore without hightailing at the end of the day. Some of them are:

Beach Excursion

Marsa Alam is known for some world famous beaches that draw tourist all over. The beaches not only present breathtaking visions and exotic surprises, but also come with various activities such as kite surfing etc. to indulge your recreational spirit.

Desert Excursion

The best part of these excursions is encountering and being a part of Bedouin hospitality and lifestyle. Also, a tour to Astronomy centre and ancient sites visit is hard to resist in these trips and are second to none.

Submarine excursions

Another way to explore Red Sea treasures is by Submarine. Go under water and explore the dive sites and wreck sites, enjoy the exotic marine life without getting wet. And above, sail and enjoy dolphin and whale watching trips.

Nile excursions

Nile River is Egypt’s biggest draw that even beach lovers find hard to ignore. Thats why Egypt Tourism has some special plans to indulge its tourist in some exciting adventures in Nile. Namely,

  • Cruise
  • Hot air balloon
  • Helicopter
  • Diving Excursions

Diving Excursions involve most diving sites in its itinerary. You can experience these underwater surprises by scuba diving and snorkelling. There are submarine and sailing activities not to mention for diving novices, all diving centres have PADI courses, you can learn and go underwater and experience Red Sea treasures up close.

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