Marsa Alam Air Tours
Marsa Alam Air Tours

Marsa Alam is south eastern city of Egypt. And holds International airport that enable to come and visit this Red Sea treasure-trove without going through capital city and unnecessary time.

But Egypt has its own draw and whether you are in capital or coast, you can definitely avail Marsa Alam Air Tours to enjoy Egypt aerial views and destinations.

We can categorise them as:

Domestic and cheap flights

Marsa Alam International Airport supports both flights abroad and domestic flights. These domestic flights allow you to fly to Cairo, Luxor and as such directly, so you can save time and enjoy Egypt in limited supply of time and energy. You can opt for charter flights also.

Most used Domestic flights and charters are:

  • Aviator Airlines
  • Air Leisure
  • Egypt Air Express
  • Air Sinai
  • AMC Airlines

Helicopter tours

These tours allow you aerial view of Marsa Alam. Most helicopter tours cover Luxor, Edfu, Marsa Alam etc. The above mentioned Domestic flights and charters offers helicopter tours when and if necessary. Apart from that, Alkan Air is an air taxi service authorised to fly Beech craft and Hawker is now in Egypt too.

Hot air balloon rides

This is the most popular and exciting air adventure to have. Marsa Alam along with Nile, Luxor etc. prefer to give tourist an amazing ride of Egypt that you will never forget.

Most used Hot Air Balloon Services are:

  • Sindbad Hot Air Balloons
  • Hod Hod Soliman Balloons
  • Nile Cruised
  • Magic Horizon Hot Air Balloons

NILE HOLIDAY brings these Air Tours to facilitate your Egypt visit and bring out the best views in luxury. It depends on the time, budget and your preference. Explore Marsa Alam Air Tours, to see enigmatic views and colours of Egypt from Marsa Alam..

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