The Best restaurants in Cairo, Egypt
The Best restaurants in Cairo, Egypt

Delicious food is plentiful in Cairo, be it on the streets bustling with vendors, or on the table in people’s homes. If you’re lucky enough to be invited over for a meal, be sure to grab the opportunity with both hands and get stuck in. Otherwise, you might want to consider booking a spot on our specially curated culture-rich trip to find Cairo Food & Nightlife which includes a home-cooked lunch in a local’s home, among many other immersive activities.

If you are visiting Cairo, you must try the authentic Egyptian Food. If you are a foodie, you are definitely in for a treat. You and your palate will be amazed by the variety and flavors of food.

Cairo Food Tours:

There are traditional eateries is you are interested in tasting local food flavors. It is the best choice…than to go for street food and end up in the loo. But you can enjoy the food you are comfortable and enjoy in Cairo too.

Traditional Eateries:

Koshari Abou Tarek

Location: Choppin ln Champollion, Downtown, Cairo

Food:  Temple of kushari (mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce)

O’s Pasta

Location: 159 Sharia 26th of July-Zamalek

Food: Vegetarian Egyptian

Nice Location and Good Food


Location: 13 Sharia 26th of July, Downtown

Food: Shawarma, Salads or European-style pizza.


Location: 15 Hoda Sharaawy

Food: Eyptian

Difficult location but good food

Hawawshi Al Refaei

Location: 87 El-Shaikh Rihan, As Saqayin, Abdeen, Cairo

Food: Traditional Egyptian dish.

Fatatry El Hussein

Location: El Hussein, Sq. Cairo

Food: Feteer, is a flaky Egyptian layered pastry.

Maharaja Restaurant

Location: El-Nahda, Maadi, Cairo

Food: Indian Food Restaurant


Location: 26th July Corridor

Food: Egyptian

Expensive but best

Cairo Kitchen

Location: 118, 26th July

Food: Egyptian

Kid-friendly and Inexpensive but Excellent food

Abou El Sid

Location: 157 Sharia 26th of July – Zamalek

Food: Egyptian

Expensive but best

The Osmanly Restaurant

Location: Kempinski Hotel, Corniche El Niche

Food: Excellent Turkish cuisine

Expensive but Good

Left Bank

Location: 53 End Abou El Feda

Food: Egyptian

Exclusive location but Expensive food but Good


Location: Tahreer

Food: Egyptian Fast Food

Kid-Friendly and Good Food

Ristorante Tuscany

Location: 16 Saray, El Gezira Street

Food: Italian

Excellent Food and Brilliant Service

Saigon Restaurant

Location: Fairmont Nile City

Food: Egyptian

Good Food and Entertainment

Food Corner

Location: 74 Altari

Food: Egyptian Food and Dessert

Excellent Food with Delivery options


Location: Marouf, Qasr An Nile

Food: Classic Fast Food Chain

Best fast-food and Ice-cream but Crowded

Naguib Mahfouz Café

Location: ‪ 5 El Baddistan Lane-Khan el-Khalili

Food: Authentic Egyptian & oriental restaurant


Cairo Nightlife:

You can enjoy dinners at the high-end but group-friendly dining restaurants such as:

The Osmanly Restaurant: Turkish Cuisines and Veg Options
Revolving Restaurant: No Alcohol but some best French options
Taboula Restaurant: Best food but difficult to get a seat
Night & Day: Best food and service
Pane Vino: Italian food selection and excellent service
Loft 21: Expensive but nice view
Le Pacha 1901: Great food and nice cocktails
Moon Deck: Good food and nice location
Maharaja Restaurant: Best Indian Food

Our Food Tours In Cairo are the perfect tour for those who want to organizes specialty food and beverage tours for all visitors to Egypt especially food lovers all over the world, currently Nile Holiday can custom your food adventure tour anywhere in Egypt. Experience the local Egyptian culture, to eat at the places that only locals visit and to discover great historical sites that very few people get to see.

Our Cairo Food Tours with our knowledge of Egypt’s most beautiful, hidden natural treasures make our tours among the most exciting in the Mediterranean. Our Egyptian Food Trips offer unforgettable and amazing experiences in one of the oldest cultures and cuisines in the Mediterranean.

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The Best restaurants in Cairo

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