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  • Apr 28, 2021

  • Nile Holiday

Egypt Tours is the ultimate vacation with its awe-inspiring ancient relics, cultural immersion, and endless adventure opportunities. However, exploring this ancient country might feel a little overwhelming for solo women travelers. Traveling To Egypt As A Solo Woman is unfathomable to many people in this country. So, be prepared for the attention. Some will be friendly and welcoming and some annoying. Take a look at some important tips for traveling to Egypt As A Solo Woman.

Do Your Research Properly

Learn as much as you can about the country, its history, and its current affairs before starting your solo Egypt Vacation. A deeper understanding of Egyptian history will only help you appreciate the Egyptian Temples and sites much better.

Hire A Travel Guide For Your Solo Trip To Egypt

Even though you prefer to travel independently, Egypt is best explored with an Egypt Travel Guide. You should pick someone who is knowledgeable about the history, customs, religion, and present-day culture of the country.

Plus, he will suggest the best places to eat, organize extra side trips if you want any, and save you from greedy shopkeepers.

At Nile Holiday, we employ only a local guide as Egypt Travel Guide. All our guides possess great skills such as hieroglyphs, Egyptology along with various other languages which will come handy for during your visit to Egyptian Temples and Museums.

Egypt Travel As A Solo Woman; Be Aware Of Cheats

It is pretty common for tourists to get scammed in Egypt more so if you’re traveling solo. So, it is vital that you avoid them at all costs. Here are some useful Egypt Travel Tips;

  • Always fix the price from the beginning.
  • Reject the scammers with full confidence.
  • Better to avoid eye contact.
  • Learning the Arabic Number
  • Don’t Show a Lot of Cash

Where to Stay During Your Egypt Travel as a Solo Woman

Egypt Tours offers a variety of accommodations including all-inclusive resorts along the Red Sea coast, luxury hotels and guesthouses along excellent camping options. Or you can go for cheaper hotels if there’s a budget crunch. It’s pretty easy to find shared bedrooms for just under $7 USD per night or single rooms at $16 USD per night. For a more authentic Egyptian experience, you can also go for an Egypt Desert camp along the Sinai coast or an eco-lodge.

Traveling To Egypt As A Solo Woman Is Unlike Any Other Western World Vacations

Egypt Holidays will be a completely different and unique experience than your previous solo trips to other Western counties. Egypt is part of both the Middle East and North Africa. So, naturally, the culture of Egypt is a little different from most of the western counties.

Hopefully, this blog satisfied all your queries about traveling to Egypt as a solo woman. Now that you are armed with all the information, it’s time to plan your Egypt Holidays!

At Nile Holiday we provide a wide range of Egypt Trip Packages for every budget. Take a look at our Best Egypt Tour Packages, specially customized for solo women traveling to Egypt. Visit our website at Nile Holiday today for the most unique experiences.

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