Cairo Excursions; Travel Around Like A Real Egyptian

Cairo is a gorgeous and eye-catching city with a magnificent and mystic history. One should definitely visit Cairo to see the Great Pyramid of Giza at least once in your life. More than 20 million people call Cairo their home and, as soon as you set foot in the sprawling metropolis, it’s evident that they make it crowded and chaotic, but also enthusiastic and charming. You won’t lack for places to visit in Cairo, partly due to the sheer vastness of Africa’s largest city, and partly because it harbors a rich and prosperous heritage and a surplus amount of historic relics that you will be able to visit during your Cairo Excursions.    

Here is what you are going to get and see while traveling around like a real Egyptian is as follows:-

Parts Of Cairo You Should Visit

There are several parts of Cairo that you can visit during your family Holidays to Egypt & Cairo, such as the Pyramid of Giza, Egyptian Museum, The Citadel, Sultan Hassan Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque, and Al-Azhar Mosque.   

Dining In The Capital Of Egypt

Your dining experience in the capital of Egypt during your Cairo To Luxor Tours will be just splendid. During the dining, you will have your hands on the best food items that are made in Egypt. You will just have great pleasure tasting and eating all these food items because all these Egyptian food items are made with great love and care.   

The best places where you can dine in Cairo are four seasons, Left bank, Sequoia, Hana as well as Gigi Burger Bar.

During your trip, you are going to taste a range of Egyptian food that will be made available to you while dining such as:-

  • Ful wa Ta’meya also known as Fava Beans & Falafel
  • Kushari
  • Kabab wa Kofta also known as Grilled Meats.
  • Sugoq wa Kibdah Iskandrani also called as Alexandrian Sausages & Liver.
  • Hawawshi is also known as Egyptian Meal pie.

Best Places To Enjoy The Eastern Nightlife

When it comes to enjoying the nightlife during Cairo Excursions, Cities like Cairo or Zamalek and Sharm el-Sheikh are packed with beating nightlife. But that doesn’t mean Egypt doesn’t have a night bone. Almost everywhere, coffee shops, the local restaurant, bar, casinos are seen nowadays. A country like Egypt boasts to offer several nightlife venues such as nightclubs, bars, casinos, cinemas, coffee shops as well as local restaurants where you can chill out either with your family, friends or girlfriend/boyfriend.

Moreover, your excitement for a night out will just increase when you will get to know that city like Cairo is inexpensive in nature compared to an economically developed country, where such entertainment clubs are highly-priced. In case, you are coming from a developed country then it is great news for you to rejoice because spending nightlife in Egypt will not prove to be hard on you.

Where Can You Stay In Cairo?

There are several budget-friendly accommodations where people like you can stay & enjoy Family Holidays To Egypt with a tight budget can afford to stay in Cairo and those people who are wealthy can make themselves comfortable in several five-star hotels located in Cairo. To know more specifically about accommodations, please contact us by mail or by our contact number.

Differences In Public Transportation

After your arrival in Egypt, there are different types of public transportation that will cater to your needs during your Egypt Tours and help you in making your trips and transits more comfortable.

In Cairo as well as in other cities of Egypt, you will get two types of transportation:-

The first one is public transports such as flights, ferries, cruise boats, taxis, trains, metro and buses.

The second one is known as Tourism adventure transports such as Hot air balloons, house carnage, camels, quad bikes, Felucca, Cruise boats, and cycle.

Tips For Planning A Trip To Cairo

Last, but not least, If you want your Trips To Egypt to be successful then follow these tips that are time tested and you can follow them blindly without any hesitation, that is as follows:-

  • As you all well aware of the fact that Egypt is an Islamic country, thus, you will find people mostly conservative here and so, it will be also expected from all men and women coming from abroad to wear clothes that fall past their knees and elbows.
  • Based on the calculations, the best time to explore Egypt is will be during the winter season that naturally easy-going and sunny. When you are visiting places like North Cairo & Giza, visiting in November will be the best time and December will be the best for visiting Center- south Luxor & Aswan. Thus by following these tips, your Travel To Egypt will be successful.

Thus, during your Cairo Excursions, you can travel around Egypt like a real Egyptian or an Egyptian King where you and your family members will be getting King and Queen Size treatment by the locals. To know more, please contact us @

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