Cruising Rules And Regulations, Travel Documents And Information Needs To Know Before Going On A Nile Cruise Vacation

Egypt can be best explored and admired from a cruise trip along the River Nile. It runs through Egypt almost in its entirety, and some of the prominent Egyptian structures are present at the river bank. So it’s imperative that you take an Egypt Nile Cruise ride if you’re planning your Egypt Tours. But there are so many things to consider before starting your cruise.

If you’re looking to go on a Nile Cruise Tour, via this article we will alert you to some of the cruise rules, regulations and restrictions that a traveller needs to know about for your next vacation at the majestic river. It’s best to educate yourself on the latest travel guidelines, including the requirement of any travel documents, extra expenses, and any possibility of being denied boarding the Egypt Nile Cruise.

What Documents Do You Need For A Cruise?

1. Passports And Visas

Passports and visas are the main documents you’d require to enter and leave Egypt. While visa temporarily approves your entry into the country, passport certifies that you’re a citizen of a country. Both should be valid during your stay in Egypt and authorities have the right to ask for both at any point. So keep it in your bag wherever you go – even in the cruise rides.

2. Cruise Boarding Documents

After you’ve booked a Nile Cruise Tour, the tour or the Cruise Company will hand you a receipt which authenticates you’ve purchased a package. If you’ve made the purchase online, it’s good to keep a hard copy of it, but a soft copy should be sufficient.

3. Family Documentation

If you’re coming with your spouse and kids, then you should bring in the family documents as well like marriage documents, birth certificates etc. If you have taken a family insurance package, bring them as well. While not all cruise operators will ask for them, some will.

Cruise Rules, Regulations And Restrictions

1. Passenger Limitations

You have to bring in the exact number of people and no more in anyways unless you’ve informed the tour operator when you booked your Egypt Nile Cruise trip. There’s a limitation of luggage as well which varies from cruise to cruise. Thus you should consult with your tour company regarding this and bring in luggage within that limit.

2. Deposit And Booking Requirements

To confirm your cruise trip booking, tourists are required to make a pre-payment which is about 20-30% of the total tour package cost. You can make the rest of the payment either during onboarding the cruise or a few weeks before the commencement of the tour as per the Cruise Operator’s policy. But bear in mind that failure to make the advance payment will result in cancellation of the booking.

3. Luggage Restrictions And Dress Codes

As opposed to airlines, cruises don’t charge as per luggage and don’t have a fixed limit. But that doesn’t mean tourists can bring in unlimited baggage. Two suitcases per person with 50 pounds each is encouraged for a cruise trip, but this is specific to the cruise operator. So it’s better to check with them.

As far as the dress code is concerned, tourists are expected to wear casual clothes. Beachwear is also okay with some cruise companies. Check the guidelines for more information.

4. Smoking Policies

Smoking in commonplace like lobby, decks is prohibited in most cruises, but it is allowed in rooms and private areas. Some cruise operators have prohibited it completely for both safety and public reasons. Violating smoking policies may result in fine or abandonment of your tour.

5. Safety Drills

Safety drills are conducted by Cruise Operators and are mandatory for staff members. This includes, but is not limited to, swimming, fire rescue, CPR, checking pulses etc. Travellers are however not required to go through any of these drills. Strictest of the measures are taken to ensure traveller safety from the start to finish.

However, for the best tour experience, travellers are required to abide by the rules and regulation and cooperate wherever required. You’ll come across the best of Egypt through the entirety of the tour and in the end, will be equipped with an ample amount of knowledge about Egypt as a country and its history. To book a Nile River Cruise trip, contact Nile Holiday today and receive customized tour packages at the competitive price!

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