Alexandria National Museum

The Italian style palace is a former US consulate which President Hosni Mubarak changed and converted into an exclusive Alexandria National Museum of Egypt with collection of many rare Egypt artefacts.

General Info

Name: Alexandria National Museum
Established in: 2003
Location: 31° 12′ 3.96″ N, 29° 54′ 47.52″ E
Opening Hours: 9:00am-4:30pm
Place: Alexandria
Type: Archaeological Museum
Size: 1800 artefacts
Area 3480 meters


The manor was built by Assad Basili Pasha in 1928 who was a former wood merchant. The place was used as gathering place in 1930s and 40s. Basili sold the palace to American Embassy in 1953 for around 53,000 pounds.

In 1996, Embassy sold it to Council of Antiquities for 13 million pounds and was converted into museum. It was first opened to public in September 2002 and officially inaugurated in 2003.


The museum is 2 storied with 4 levels:

  • Basement : It displays the Pharaonic artefacts and performs audio-visual workshops.

  • Ground level: It contains the Graeco-Roman treasures

  • 1st floor: It houses relics from Egypt's Coptic Christian and Islamic heritage.

  • Garage : It provides insight into the artefacts left by King Farouk's family before the 1952 revolution.

  • Garden : It is converted as a lecture hall and an open-air theatre for evening performances.

A freshly painted garden with shady trees and flowering plants with a semi-circular double stairway leading to elegant doorway overlooking the streets of Alexandria.


The Italianate palace houses 1800 artefacts, most of which were brought from other Egyptian Museums.

The museum displays:

  • Ancient Egyptian objects such as canopic jars, portraits of Menkaure, Ikhnaton, and Hatshepsut and Nectanebo II artefacts and so on..

  • Coptic era objects such as Hellenistic period pieces from Heraklion and Canopus, pieces from Caracalla's rule, figures of Medusa, a bust of Briniky, and so on..

  • Muslim world objects such as Islamic clothing, 162 Islamic coins, candle holders and Mashrabiya etc.

The museum is known for its collection of jewellery, weapons, statuary, numismatics and glassware and so on..

Most interesting displays of the museum are items that are found under sea such as black bronze statue of Isis, some portraits, and statues of Greek gods, bust of Alexander the Great and Venus, the goddess of love with pictures depicting how they were taken out from sea.

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