Sharm El Sheikh Food, Wine And Nightlife
Sharm El Sheikh Food, Wine And Nightlife

Sharm-El-Sheikh is hard to beat, offering visitors a range of romantic boardwalk spots and beach restaurants for dining under the stars. Explore the restaurants, do some shopping, and of course, experience the Nightlife In Sharm-El-Sheikh in your Egypt Tours.

Dinner On Pirates:

  • Enjoy a voyage on the yacht with light music and fresh air with an exciting sea view; moreover, high quality of food and service will be available for you to feel Egypt Holidays. Classy seafood dinner on a luxurious yacht.
  • It is a luxurious yacht offering day sailing trip and night cruise. In your morning trip, you will experience three stops that will include, snorkelling activities with an availability of trained guide and free life jackets for all sizes, the yacht has a unique sun deck that will let you have a sunbathe at ease, a flying chair is available for you to have fun in various ways.
  • On that yacht, you will enjoy a delicious seafood meal that will satisfy your taste buds during the morning trip.
  • You will relish your gratifying dinner while sailing at night, with light music and relaxing atmosphere that will take you on a trip of sweet dreams to refresh your energy. These all yachts are available in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Camel Safari With Optional Bedouin Dinner:

  • Riding a camel is the ideal part of the Egyptian experience, so make of that sure you don’t miss out with this camel safari and arbitrary dinner experience from Sharm el-Sheikh. Then you can move towards the desert by air-conditioned vehicle and enjoy a ride on one of these hardy herbivores — the reliable transportation of the Bedouin peoples.
  • After doing all these things, you can relax with a cup of Bedouin tea made with ‘habak,’ a local mint-like herb. You can upgrade it by including a delicious Bedouin dinner in the desert before returning to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Egyptian Stars And Bedouin Dinner:

  • Explore the shimmering magic of the desert and enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner in your stargazing trip from Sharm el-Sheikh. With your guide, drive into the desert at sunset and, as darkness falls, enjoy your trip with the guided stargazing session.
  • You can use telescopes to scan the twinkling heavens as your guide points out the different stars, planets, constellations and galaxies then conclude it with a delightful Bedouin tea and delicious dinner of Bedouin specialities as you soak up the sheer romance and elegance of the desert at night.

Star Gazing In The Sharm El-Sheikh Desert:

  • Riding a camel is a vital part of Egypt. You can ride a camel into the Sinai desert for a stargazing tour from Sharm El Sheikhand take in dinner and a show in a Bedouin tent.
  • There you can taste traditional Egyptian feast and experience a striking pair of Tanoura and fire dances then you can try making fabulous loaves of bread over an open flame. Walk into the external part of the desert in the evening and track constellations, planets and stars beside a local astronomer.

For some Egyptian Holidays, Egypt offers its history which is to say has been the oldest surviving civilisation. And played a major role in luring people all around. Know more about Past Civilisations Of Ancient Egypt and its effect in Egypt.

The second but most vital force of Egypt Tourism is Nile River. With Feluccas and Cruises along the river, Egypt offers you all the more spellbinding and empowering Cruise Holidays In Egypt that rejuvenates and revives a soul after a tiring and hot Egypt exploration.

Discover an oasis of Food, Wine And Nightlife at Sharm El Sheikh and for a great experience, visit our website @ Nile Holiday.

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Sharm El Sheikh Food, Wine And Nightlife

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