Nile Cruise Gratuities And Tipping
Nile Cruise Gratuities And Tipping

Egypt is a great place to let the mind have a peaceful outing; away from the noises of the crowd and close to the sound of the past. Egypt Tours become much more exciting and fabulous by the warmth of the people. From the guide to the servers, everyone has a heart of gold. Get the idea about Egypt Nile Cruise Gratuities And Tipping.

The Tips is about 3 to 5 US$ Per Person per Night. For Example, if you are 2 Person and having a 4 Nights Egyptian Nile Cruise your Tip Amount will be: 4 US$ x 4 Nights x 2 Person = 32 US$. So you Leave 32 US$ in an Envelope at the Reception on the End of your Egypt Nile Cruise Trip.

  • Keeping this in mind, the tourists are supposed to pay up a tip per day for the services. Although, it is not mandatory to pay before in most of the tours, but the services that you get would drag you to tip them without any intervention.
  • The basic tipping is of £10 per person per day. Different cruises and tour guides charge differently. Some may charge up to £20 per person, but that is only when the service is royal.
  • Tip is a mode of living for the people of Egypt. Since employment is low, they mainly depend on tourists for their earnings. Hence, it is obligatory to tip the persons that are appointed to look after the services for them.
  • If one feels that they have not been served well, or they do not want to tip, then one is free to do so. There is nothing chaining them up. But one should be open enough to admit why they didn’t do so.
  • The tips are equally divided among everyone who serve you during the trip. From the drivers to the guides to the felucca captains to the local representatives at different destinations; the tip is divided among everyone.
  • One should put the tip in an envelope and write the amount on the back then leave it at the reception of the Egypt Nile Cruise. This is done in order to avoid confusion about whom one has tipped or who is left out.
  • One would try to tip as much as they can, but this goes against the tradition. After a certain limit, it displays a mark of pity towards them which they don’t like. Unless they’ve done something special for you, they won’t take the money.

Egypt Nile Cruise Gratuities And Tipping is a great way to give back to the experiences the locals try to make you look at. One should be generous enough to make the person who made you happy – happy. One would think that what they are tipping is not up to the mark. Still, this is what you can do for them.

“If not the Nile, then why Egypt?” is the famous Egyptian saying that invites you to explore more of Egypt and its cultures. Call us or visit our website Nile Holiday to book your Egyptian Nile Cruise.

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Nile Cruise Gratuities And Tipping

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