Among the herds of millions of people who visit Egypt every year, the most commonly known or clicked is the magnificent river Nile. Nile is the epitome of beauty, jaw-dropping scenes and wonderfulness. Since without the Nile, nothing would had been constructed or happened in Egypt, Egypt Tours is never complete without the Egyptian Nile Cruise. Get on-board one of the200 odd boats and cruises and get the Egypt Nile Cruise Attractions that offer a soothing experience down the Nile.

The Sheer magic of Egypt Nile Cruise is Incomparable. A Nile river cruise is one of the most popular ways to see the wealth of archaeological treasures and Nile Cruise Attractions, Egypt has to offer.

Some Of The Egyptian Nile Cruise Attractions & Stops Include:

  • Aswan is perfectly calm and mystic place to visit. Aswan blends the beauty of nature with the mystery of humans. Aswan is a must-visit for an art lover.
  • The places to visit in Aswan include the very important Aswan High Dam- the world’s largest rock filled dam, the picturesque Philae Temple, the mysterious unfinished obelisk, Aga Khan Mausoleum, the botanical gardens on the Kitchener Island and the huge Temples Of Abu Simbelthat can take your breath away.
  • Luxor is the centre of everything beautiful. From the religious temples to the beautifully carved reliefs, everything is colourful and magnificent.
  • At Luxor, one can see the Karnak Templewhich is the largest religious site of the ancient world, or the Mortuary Temple built in honour of the ever conquering Ramesses II, or the beautiful Colossi of Memnon.
  • The beauty of Luxor lies in the area consisting the Valley of Kings – dedicated to the male rulers, Valley of Queens – dedicated to the ancient female rulers, and the Valley of the Nobles.
  • Not just the modern capital of Egypt, Cairo can be rightly called the historical as well as the cultural capital of the ancient country.
  • Popular attractions include Mosque of Mohammed Ali – the most visited mosque in Egypt, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the Cairo Citadel, The Hanging Church – Egypt’s oldest church and the Cairo Tower, are among other notable places.

One of the oldest cities of the ancient times, the city of Abydos is famous for the Temples Of Seti and other Gods that are unique in their own design.

Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo

Esna houses the much prioritized Esna Temple – dedicated to Gods Khnum, Neith and Heka. Edfu is home to the best-preserved temples in Egypt that also includes the Temple of Horus. The temple of Kom Ombo is dedicated to the Gods Horus and Sobek.

The beauty that Egypt is proud of, the majestic river Nile is a must cruise that needs.

Tourism In Egypt has made some pretty big improvisations with Nile River. First building High Dam and making Lake Nasser on Nile River. Then introducing Felucca rides and Cruises in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. These can be pretty insightful and unique tourism methods.

“If not the Nile, then why Egypt?” Is the famous Egyptian saying that invites you to explore more of Egypt Nile Cruise Attractions? Call Nile Holiday or visit our website to book your Egyptian Nile Cruise.

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