Marsa Alam Parks
Marsa Alam Parks

Being a coastal area, Marsa Alam is rich with marine life. And the parks and water parks are its specialities. However only 3 parks have reached the famed land, those are:

Wadi El Gemal National Park

The national park is a Biosphere Reserve area and one of the most thriving national marine parks in Egypt. However, at 7,450 km2, the park covers an area of 4,770 km2 of land and 2,100 km2 of marine space including the Wadi Gemal islands, red sea coast, coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves.

Water Species: 450 species of corals and 1200 species of fishes, endangered animals like Dugong, Green Turtle, and Chelonia mydas etc.

Animal Species: Nubian Ibex, Capra Ibex Nubiana, the Hyrax, Wild donkeys, camels, and gazelle etc.

Bird Species: Breeding ground for 13 bird species

Gebel Elba National Park

This nature preserve is named after mountain Elba on which it is located. At height of 4708 ft, the mountain top is referred to as mist oasis making the land more of an enigma and perfect for the protectorate that covers both land and water species.

Ecosystems: marches, coastal plains, mangroves and coral reefs to mountain high lands, sand dunes and valleys

Plant Species: 458 species such as acacias, moringas and dragon trees

Marine Species: 86 different corals, 104 fish species

Animal Species: 26 mammals such as gazelles, Barbary sheep and ibexes.

Bird Species: 60 resident birds such as eagles and falcons

Sammadai National Park

The popular diving site also known as Dolphin House provides a home to the resident spinner dolphins of Samadai and is the most popular spot to play with dolphins. To protect these dolphins from snorkelers, the protectorate was formed. Communities such as HEPCA, the Abu Salama Society, and the Red Sea Protectorate (EEAA) set a limitation on visitors.

  • Includes: 30 boats and 500-800 people
  • Limit: 10 boats and 100-150 visitors/ day.

This park emphasizes on:

Creating a restricted zone for:

  • Exclusive use of the dolphins
  • Snorkelling activities
  • Boat mooring
  • Diving

Limiting visiting hours -10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Enforcing law and awareness programs

The dolphins live here freely interacting with limited visitors in a safe zone.

Aqua Coraya

The water park is the best recreational treat of Madinat Coraya located at 65 km from Marsa Alam. It offers 13 water slides for various age groups no matter how strong or weak swimmers.

The park shorter slides landing in shallow waters suit children and with lifeguards and staff, the park ensures safety along with fun.

Height: 10m and high

Slides: Free Fall, Kamikaze & Turbo Slides

Adventure Seeker Slide

  • Black Hole, which is a fast and exciting ride through the 40-meter-long slide
  • Rafting Slide with heart-pounding drops and pulse-racing dips;
  • Wide Slide, for the whole family at once;
  • Twister Slide, a high-speed ride spiralling and twisting flumes.

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