El Quesir

The ancient port city was once called Leukos Limen (“White Harbour”)lies on the Red Sea coast 85 km from Safaga. Many of the Marsa Alam Cultural Attractions is spread out near this fishing town. It played an important part in Pharaonic times.

Point of Interests

The city is surrounded with Red Sea marine treasures and is known for phosphate extraction. But apart from that, you will find:

  • Ancient El Quesir: The ruins of Roman port city Myos Hormos is the major attraction. The artefacts, inscriptions and remains of the city tell its glorious past.
  • The Castle: The fort El Quesir is an Ottoman castle built around 1517. Cannons protruding from the fort are the shining attraction of this strategic castle.
  • Markets and Bazaar: The next mystifying attraction is Bazaars of Sharia Al Gomhuriya that every tourist find hard to ignore. There are weekly Bazaar and shop too that are bound to make you leave your rooms and step into these narrow streets.
  • Religious Attraction: Mosques, tombs and churches are some common names of the religious attractions this place holds. Such as
  • Faran Mosque
  • Church of St. Mary
  • Shrine of Abdel Ghaffaar Al Yemeni
  • And so on..
  • Beach: The corniche called Sharia Port Said, fishing harbours and hotel’s private beach area provide the much needed break from all sightseeing and adventures.

Top Hotels

  • Radisson Blu Resort El Quesir: Safaga – Al Qusair Rd, Qesm Al Qoseir, Red Sea Governorate 84712, Egypt
  • Flamenco Beach & Resort: Kilo 7 Quseir Safaga Road, Egypt
  • Mövenpick Resort El Quseir: Safaga – Al Qusair Rd, Qesm Al Qoseir, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt
  • Rohanou Beach Resort: Halaieb We Shalatein, Qesm Al Qoseir, Red Sea Governate, Egypt
  • El Quesir Hotel: Qesm Al Qoseir, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

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