Marsa Alam Beaches
Marsa Alam Beaches

The coastal destination Marsa Alam comes with lots of breathtaking and exotic beaches. Such as:

Sharm El Luli: The beautiful lagoon located at 60 km from Marsa Alam is a part of Wadi El Gemal National Park that protects the marine life here. The beach is known for its remote location, swimming and snorkelling.

Location: 24’33 N, 35’9′ E

Marine life: Butterfly Fish, Solitary Groupers or Puffer Fish, the exotic coloured Napoleons and the bright orange Clownfish along with endangered Hawkbill Turtle etc.

Marsa Shoona Bay: The twin coloured corals separated by the beautiful sandy beach of Marsa Shoona Bay is located at 50 km of Marsa Alam. The beach is sought for swimming, snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Called: El Marsa Shouna El Kebir

Marine life: Lionfish, Moray Eels, Tetraodons, Green Sea Turtles, and Giant Crabs etc.

Abu Dabbab Beach: The most popular beach of Marsa Alam is legendary for its colourful reefs, a myriad of beautiful fish, shipwreck and diving site and a swim-through canyon with underwater caves.

Location: 25°20’21″N   34°44’21″E

Marine Life: Sea-Cows (Dugongs), Giant Sea Turtles, Spotted Rays, Harmless Guitar Shark, etc.

Gebel El Rosas: This well-protected beach is a sight for sore eyes with colourful corals, sea-anemone gardens and caves which is located at 15 km from Marsa Alam and at 131 ft is a perfect spot for diving and snorkelling activities.

Called: Oriental Bay

Marine life: Reef and Colourful Marine Creatures such as Tuna, Barracuda, and Gray Sharks etc.

Qulan Islands: The mangrove forest island at 110km of Marsa Alam is also called Maldives of Egypt with stunning beaches and famed birding site.

Called: El Qulan Mangrove Forest

Location: 24° 22′ 00″ N, 35° 23′ 00″ E

Birdlife: Sooty Gull, Caspian Tern, Ruddy Turnstone, White-eyed Gulls, White Stork, Western Reef Egret etc.

Just don’t forget to carry your sunglasses, sun-screen lotion, snorkelling gears but most important cameras to click the moments and memories to take home. Explore Marsa Alam Beaches beauties with NILE HOLIDAY

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