Cairo Day Trips & Excursions

The capital city of Cairo is the major hub for tourist and locals alike. However, being a hub means tourists love to come here and take trips to various parts of Egypt. We bring you 2 types of trips:

  • Trips that enables to explore Cairo called Day Trips
  • Trips that enables you to explore Egypt called Excursions

Cairo Day Trips

There are various places that need full Cairo Day Trips such as:

  • Trips to Pharaonic Village
  • Trips to Khan El Khalili
  • Trips to Islamic Cairo
  • Trips to Gezira
  • Trips to Giza
  • Alexandria Day Trip from Cairo
  • Luxor Day Trip from Cairo
  • El Fayoum Day Trip from Cairo
  • And so on..

Cairo Excursions

However, Cairo Excursions are more action-packed and exciting trips. These action pack activities may include camel rides quad bike rides etc.:

  • Excursions Trips to pyramids : These trips can include Giza, Sakkara, Dahsur. But apart from them many necropolis sites call for these excursions. Take full advantage of these excursions.
  • Excursions trips to deserts : These trips include western desert and oases surrounding it. Camping with Berber tribes is a phenomenal experience that adventure lovers should never forego.
  • Excursion trips to ruins of Ancient Egypt : However, these trips can include more such as day trips to Luxor, Aswan etc. They are held many Ancient Egypt treasures..
  • Excursions trips to Camel Market At Birqash : Cairo famous camel market of Birqash, located north of Cairo is an excursion into real Egyptian Culture. Enjoy the trading markets but be sure to keep your heart out of it.

NILE HOLIDAY brings you trips and holidays that emulsify your souls in the culture and lifestyle of Egypt. Get your Cairo Day Trips and Excursions today to refine you senses and uplift your soul…

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