Alexandria Private And Custom Tours
Alexandria Private And Custom Tours

Discover the signature sights of Alexandria Private And Custom Tours as your guide chauffeurs you to this history-steeped Mediterranean port city. Egypt’s second largest city founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and flourished under the Romans, Alexandria has a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Sights Of Alexandria To Explore In Private And Custom Tours

  • Eerie underground Roman burial catacombs, the Roman amphitheatre, new Alexandria Library and other must-sees are worth capturing in your holiday album.
  • The 15th-century Qaitbay Citadel, built on the site of Alexandria’s fabled ancient lighthouse is a 15th-century defensive fortress located on the Mediterranean sea-coast of Alexandria. Explore the citadel beauty bit by bit to learn more about the Mameluke, Ottoman and the Modern period.
  • Private Day Trips To Alexandria give you a lot of time to enjoy the eastern harbour on the eastern point of the Pharos Island. Walking around the harbour, you come across the Pharos lighthouse. You can admire the views of rural Egypt from the top of the lighthouse.
  • The Kom el Shoqafa Roman catacombs, a maze of burial chambers, will intrigue ancient Egyptian pictures in your head. The Pharaonic funeral cult with Hellenistic and early Imperial Roman influences clearly seen on the Alexandrian tombs, statues and other archaeological objects speak a lot about Ancient Egyptian Sites. Some of the statues are Egyptian in style, yet bear Roman clothes and hairstyle whilst other features Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultural points.
  • Enjoy a personalized experience and commentary when you visit the Roman theatre in Kom El-Deka. With galleries, sections of mosaic flooring, and a pleasure garden, it seated 800 people in the ancient Alexandrian days. The open-air theatre is all surrounded by Roman baths and villas.
  • Saunter the lush Montaza Gardens as you walk through King Farouk’s Palace. A pillared lobby featuring depictions of Egyptian gods in Roman armour, lush fountains and the overlooks to the Mediterranean Sea gives a picturesque description of Ancient Egyptian Culture.
  • The perfect overview and orientation of Alexandria City as you trace the stunning modern library, the ancient wonders and the Roman landmarks leave a mark in your holiday pictures. A trip to Alexandria or a trip to the dramatic history of Egypt’s second largest city is going to leave you amazed when you learn about the thousand years of conquerors and conquests from around the Mediterranean.

A relaxed evening drive on the scenic maze of narrow streets gives a beautiful end to your Alexandria Private And Custom Tour. So for your Tour To Alexandria visit our @ Nile Holiday.

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