Roman Amphitheatre
Roman Amphitheatre

An amphitheatre basically means a double theatre that is grand and impressive in structure. Built in a semi-circular shape, The Roman Amphitheatre was an open-air theatre without curtains entailed on the stage.

The Roman Theatre of Egypt has a modest size and most of the part of the structure is destroyed. Yet, it is an extraordinary ancient structure of the Roman Egyptian period.

Roman Amphitheatre

One of the most popular sites in Alexandria, The Roman Amphitheatre is a symbol of the rich cultural variation that was evident to the people of Alexandria. The number of plays and musicals performed at the theatre are proof of the love of the Egyptian people of literature and talent.

Historical Importance Of The Amphitheatre-

The structure was built in the 2nd century. It currently stands tall with most of its structures restored. An open-air theatre with no curtains on the stage, the theatre consisting of 16 rows of marble benches lined along the stage give even views to all the spectators visiting the theatre. The benches can now be used to sit 600 audiences at once. The audience section has a diameter of about 33 meters.

Present Condition Of The Amphitheatre

The modern sitting arrangement technique can be seen in the amphitheatre with clearly marked out numbers of the rows and seats. It also had five compartments for the nobles and important people to sit in. The compartments were once used to stand a ceiling with domes made of granite. These domes were used to magnify the sound of the music and voice performances.

Structure Of The Lighthouse-

The musical performances were held at the centre of the structure which is supported by two large marble columns. The columns themselves had beautiful crafted and carved inscriptions and calligraphy on them. The floor of the columns had the finest of mosaics. The beauty of the structure is still visible to the people visiting the theatre.

A visit to The Roman Amphitheatre is a must on every visitor’s list when in Alexandria. The architecture is significant in modern times, for all the newly built amphitheatres are based on the blueprint of this structure. Get in touch with us to visit the royal architecture with ancient theatrical souvenirs with us.

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Roman Amphitheatre

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