Montazah Palace Gardens
Montazah Palace Gardens

Initially, grounds to the Salamalek Palace, the extensive Montazah Palace built in 1892 by Khedive Abbas II, the last Muhammad Ali Dynasty ruler to hold the Khedive title over the Khedivate of Egypt and Sudan was used as a hunting lodge and residence for his companion.

What You Should Know?

It is in a mixture of Ottoman and Florentine styles, with two towers. One of these towers rises distinctively high above with elaborated Italian Renaissance design details. The larger Al-Haramlik Palace and royal gardens were added to the Montaza Palace grounds, being built by King Fuad I in 1932, as a summer palace.

All That You Need To Know About The Palace-

  • Montazah Palace is an iconic site in the city of Alexandria. The palace consists of two beautifully constructed palaces, a museum of its own and a very beautiful garden to boast about. The first of the palaces – Salamlek Palace – was constructed in the late 19th century under the supervision of the then ruler Khedive Abbas II.
  • Location– The garden adjoined to the Palace is worth a visit. With a large area to roam about and play, Monatazah Palace Gardens gives you a cut-off feel from the busy hustles of the city. The garden boasts of a variety of flowers and trees which provides the freshness with the body needs.
  • Garden area-The Garden is perfect for family visits. The children can run about anywhere in the garden playing their favourite games while the adults can have a free time relaxing in the freshness of the garden with the Mediterranean Sea breeze soothing the mind.
  • Shore attractions– There are also a few paid accesses to beaches for people to cool off. The beaches have provisions for diving, boating or just a dip in the sea.
  • Fooding-The garden has one for the stomach too. The garden includes a number of eateries, just about everything for everyone. A fine dining experience can be observed in restaurants like Coffee Roastery or the Spectra. A fast food lover can indulge in McDonald’s, Zanies and others.

The palace has long open arcades facing the sea along each floor. For your relaxing tour to the palace get in touch with us. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to the Montazah Palace.

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Montazah Palace Gardens

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