Port Safaga Food Wine And Nightlife
Port Safaga Food Wine And Nightlife

Are you looking for the best Egyptian Foods to eat in Safaga? Port Safaga Food Tours have been prepared in a list for you to help you out in the aspect of exploring the culinary brilliance of this African city. Booking our Port Safaga Food Wine And Nightlife includes getting a professional guide who will lead you through the city’s most popular markets and also feed you with live commentary of what is what of the culinary history of this Egyptian port city.

Having retained much of its local colour and feel, visitors will find local shops and markets selling souvenirs as well as more traditional goods such as spices, local food and crafts.

Safaga also a good place to have a delightful meal without being frightened of unclean food or food poisoning, the food here is fresh and clean.

Food In Safaga!

You should have to try various types of Egyptian Food when you come to Safaga because the Safaga’s dishes are very tasty and worth the experience, we give you the most popular Egyptian dishes in this Port Safaga Food Tours.

Food in Safaga town is fundamental and eateries outside of hotels are generally small, cozy bistros serving up meals and beverages. Safaga’s seafront offers a lot of splendid alternatives with most hotels having dock front sea view eating choices where you can relax and watch the water while you eat.

Egyptian food itself is a delicious blend of impacts from the Middle East and Africa. The day begins with a breakfast of beans (Egyptian way) pound and eggs. Egyptian bread and pickles and sticks are served first and will keep your energy going for the whole day of windsurfing or diving.

In the event that you choose to have an essence of the local food experience a few things you might wish to attempt include:

  • (Egyptian bread) Eish: Local and fresh bread that goes with all meals. Rolls are typically the famous type.
  • Kufta: Lamb meatballs formed into a long tube and cooked like a kebab.
  • Kushari: A bizarre yet delightful blend of macaroni, rice, chickpeas, lentils and fiery tomato sauce.
  • Shawerma: White thin bread roll loaded with chicken or meat, cleaved onion, tomatoes and tahina sauce.
  • Beans the Egyptian way (FulMedames): A bean-based dish that structures a staple; beans are normally bubbled, pounded and might be spiced or presented with an egg.
  • Mezza: Dips presented with beverages including sesame seed, eggplant or chickpea based ones like the acclaimed hummus (chickpea and olive oil).
  • Om Ali: Egyptian bread pudding made with puff baked stuff with nuts.
  • Basbousa: Honey doused semolina baked pie.

Where To Eat In Safaga?

Since scuba diving is a throughout the day movement, lunch is served on the watercraft arranged by the group and constantly flavorful.

Ali Baba and Filfila: Both have fundamentally the same menus. The most loved dish at Ali Baba is the alleged “chicken steak” which is truly bits of chicken bosom grilled on a stick and presented with rice or French fries.

At Filfila, the pasta dishes are more than amazing. They have an astonishing pesto sauce made with new basil.

Wine & Nightlife at Safaga

The only place to party in Safaga, dispensing cold beers and cocktails, simple food and a big cheer. On a good night there’s a mix of locals, dive instructors and travellers.

Safaga has so much to offer when it comes to late night entertainment. Many of the clubs are present at Safaga. Some of the famous clubs in Safaga are Diver’s House, SOBAR and there are more.

Port Safaga Food Wine And Nightlife has a lot to offer when it comes to Egypt Tours. A complete fun and joy filled trip is waiting for your approval. For your trip to the Port Land Safaga, call us @ (+20) 100 002 7316.

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