Egyptian Governorate
Egyptian Governorate

27 individual area that comes under Egypt’s top jurisdiction and is administered by a Governor are either urban, rural or both. It may comprise of one city but is subdivided into districts. Rural areas are called markaz and urban areas are called qism.

Egypt has 27 different governates. Egyptian Governorate provides an administrative districts made up of different cities and suburban areas. Some are a mix of urban and rural, while other governates are just cities such as the Cairo Governate or Alexandria governate.

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The rural areas were controlled by local government and were not subjected to state penetration before 1952. However, Government efforts to mobilize peasants and deliver services were significantly improved after 1952 revolution, but administrative controls over the peasants remained intact.

Local Government enjoyed this limited power till 1979. Central Government was then divided into 26 governorates each of which is further divided into towns and villages.

After 1979, Governors appointed by President were given more power and a governing structure was created at each level. And decentralisation measures were taken to minimise local demands on central treasury.

When Mubarak came to power, decentralization and local autonomy became more of a reality, and local policies often reflected special local conditions.


Egypt enjoys 3 levels of jurisdiction.

  • Top level was Governorates that comes under Governors, has a capital and atleast one city.
  • The next level was marakiz or aqsam. That is rural areas are divided into markiz and urban areas are subsequently divided into aqsam.
  • The lowest level of division is village or district whose heads are appointed by their governors.

Out of 27 Egyptian Governorate, we can focus on 10 Governorates that plays high-flying and crucial role in Egypt Tourism. Those are:

  • Cairo Governorate
  • Aswan Governorate
  • Giza Governorate
  • Luxor Governorate
  • Sohag Governorate
  • Alexandria Governorate
  • South Sinai Governorate
  • Red Sea Governorate
  • Faiyum Governorate
  • New Valley Governorate

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New Valley Governorate

The New Valley Governorate is the south-western part of Egypt that mostly comprises of the Western Desert that actually is a part of Sahara Desert. Egypt Tours

Faiyum Governorate, The most enchanting and natural magnificence of Egypt is in the middle of desert where tourists and local find solace from heat and

South Sinai Governorate, the most engaging and fascinating is the least populated Governorate Of Egypt and Sinai Peninsula’s apple of the eye. Egypt Tours are worth visiting

Red Sea Governorate earned its name by bordering Red Sea in its east and borders Sudan’s Red Sea State in the south. Egypt Tours are worth

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the Alexandria Governorate embraces Municipalities which make it 2nd largest urban governorate. Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you leave

Luxor Governorate is the smallest governorate in Egypt and Ancient City Thebes is the focal point of Ancient Egypt monuments and glory. Egypt Tours are

Giza Governorate lies opposite Cairo on the bank of Nile. Mostly known for pyramids and the western desert, Giza plays a major role in Egypt Tourism. Egypt

On the most southern part of Upper Egypt, Aswan Governorate beckons far and near to witness the real Egypt. Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you

The capital city of Egypt comes under Cairo Governorate. Governorate Of Cairo has 41 administrative divisions, called qism in Arabic. Egypt Tours are worth visiting that

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Egyptian Governorate

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