New Valley Governorate
New Valley Governorate

The New Valley Governorate is the south-western part of Egypt that mostly comprises of the Western Desert that actually is a part of Sahara Desert.

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General Info

Governorate: New Valley
City: Kharga
Rural Population: 1,17,180
Governor: Mohamed Zamlout
Area: 376,505 km2
Population: 2,25,416

New Valley Cities

Only 2 cities encompass New Valley Governorate. Those are:

  • El Kharga: The city is developed to make it a main tourist destination. The main square, Midan Nasser has a statue of a mother and child that represents Egypt nurtures its oases.
  • Mut: The most welcoming and growing tourist destination in Dakhla Oasis is rich with Egypt’s captivating history.

Industrial Zones

Even if people prefer rural lifestyle, due to its all-encompassing Egyptian Desert and Egyptian Oasis make them tourist favourites. Hence, the industrial growth in:

  • Al Kharga
  • El Dakhla
  • Wadi Waer West

Major Oases

Western Desert is famous for the small pieces of heavens in its middle. Most sought after valleys are:

  • Kharga: The southernmost oasis of 5 western desert oases including Faiyum oasis of Faiyum Governorate is the largest oasis with 67,700 inhabitants.
  • Farafra: Mostly inhabited by Bedouins, the oasis is the least populated oasis but is also the 2nd largest among all Egypt oases. The oasis beckons with hot springs of Bir Sitta (the sixth well) and the El-Mufid lake that warms you during chilled nights.
  • Dakhla: Once Dakhla was capital of Oasis region during Ancient times due to abundance of underground water. And now is the Ancient Egypt’s regalia.
  • Baris: The most mystifying and engrossing oasis with lots of ancient Egyptian insignias like temple of Dosh and so on..

Top Destinations of New Valley Governorate

  • Farafra
  • Kharga Oasis
  • Dakhla
  • Abu Simbel
  • Baris
  • Toshka Lakes
  • El Qasr
  • Mut
  • El Araba El Madfuna

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New Valley Governorate

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