True love must always be cherished and celebrated. Everyone deserves a memorable honeymoon. Something special… something magical. If you are looking to avoid cramped overwhelmed cities in search of a secluded and historic romantic getaway, Egypt Vacation is a perfect choice.

The great civilization of Egypt represents love, devotion, and trust. The glorious monuments and structures located across Egypt will illuminate your mind and heart to a whole new level. For centuries Egypt Tours has been one of the most visited places on the planet.

Take a look at Nile Holidays’ compact guide on How To Spend Your Honeymoon In Egypt.

Is It Safe To Plan Your Honeymoon In Egypt?

You must be concerned about the safety of Egypt’s Travels and with good reason. But let us assure you now, Egypt is as safe as any other American or European country. Though we should warn you, you might have to bear with the constant armed guards, metal detectors, and bag checks across all major temples and museums. But rest assured you guys won’t find yourself feeling “in danger” at any point.

And what about the Covid 19 situation in Egypt? Like the rest of the planet, Egypt is also greatly impacted by the pandemic. But the good news is with the introduction of the vaccine and standard guidelines and protocols in place we are safe to announce that Egypt has full control over the situation. With masks and social distance, you can easily enjoy your Honeymoon In Egypt to your heart’s content.

Top Places to Visit During Your Honeymoon In Egypt


  • Staying in the Nubian houses would be an epic honeymoon choice. As it’ll be a completely different atmosphere with different people.
  • Enjoy the scenery of Nubian Houses and Pharaonic temples on the banks of the Nile.
  • Visit the High Dam and the Abu Simbel Temple.


Luxor & Aswan

Marsa Alam

  • Perfect for spring and autumn Honeymoon In Egypt.
  • Go on land trips in the Sand Dunes Island, the natural reserve of El-Gamal Valley, and lots of shores.


  • Hurghada offers stunning tropical scenery of red see which is the perfect R&R for your Honeymoon In Egypt.
  • Spend your honeymoon enjoying crystal sparkling waters, sandy beaches, and great mountains in the eastern desert.
  • Partake in Egypt Activities like windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, snorkeling, and many more

The Best Time For Honeymoon In Egypt

The climate of Egypt, in general, is hot, sunny, and tropical. So, the winter months from October to April are the best time to spend your honeymoon in Egypt. The weather would be cool and amicable. Thus the ideal time to visit all the Egyptian Temples, the Egyptian Desert, Egyptian Museums, and Pyramids Of Egypt. Nile Holiday offers you informed, seamless and, hassle-free and Best Egypt Travel Packages regardless of your budget. Choose from our Best Egypt Honeymoon Tour Packages which will free you from the stress of organization; so you are free to passionately revel in the honeymoon of your dreams. Get in touch with

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