20 Best Mobile Application Kit Before You Plan A Trip To Egypt

Every tourist whether traveling internationally or domestically has certain needs which they must fulfill to enjoy a trip to its fullest, some being more important than others. So make sure that you’ve ticked off the boxes and got yourself covered. With the widespread use of internet and mobile technology, developers have come up with unique apps which make a traveler’s life easier.

Mobile Applications Kit For Egypt Traveler

Below are the top six things tourists must do before commencing a trip. Under each point, we’ve recommended the best apps for that particular need.

I) Check And Compare Prices Of Hotel, Flight, And Travel Bookings.

Whenever you plan a short or long trip to any place in the world, more often than not you’re flooded with choices and options ranging from super cheap to ultra-expensive. The variety and size of the choices themselves can get quite overwhelming. To make the booking process easier, there are comparison apps that simultaneously compare these options from various sources. These apps take the guesswork out of the equation for finding the perfect accommodation, flights, taxis, restaurants among other services that you’ll need while you’re traveling.

Compare Prices Of Hotel, Flight, And Travel Bookings

Here Are Our Top Three Price Checking Apps:

Expedia.com It is a travel booking website owned by the Expedia Group which has a diversified portfolio of websites related to travel. Besides hotel and flight bookings, you’ll also be able to book vacations and find last-minute deals.

Booking.com As the name suggests, it is a travel fare aggregator website and app which has more than 28 million listings including homes, apartments, and other unique staying places.

Skyscanner Another great app in this category is the Sky scanner which is a boon for those trying to find the best deals on all your travel and accommodation types even as a last-minute option.

AppRating(On Play Store)AvailabilityCost
Expedia.com4/5Android, iOSFree
Booking.com4.5/5Android, iOSFree
Skyscanner4.5/5Android, iOSFree

II) Itinerary Manager

Trip or itinerary managers make it easier for you to keep your entire trip organized in one place. These apps combine all of your travel schedule like flight timings, pick up timing, hotel check-ins, and show that in one place on a map, thus eliminating the need of having to go back and forth between multiple receipts and maps.

Itinerary Manager Applications

Here Are Our Top Three Itinerary Manager Apps:

Google Trips An excellent app from Google, it helps you put in order the entire trip and keep a track of it. You can sync it with Gmail and the itineraries will get updated accordingly.

TripIt is another probably the best itinerary manager app which instantly organizes all of your travel plans in one place. You just have to forward your booking confirmation emails to TripIt, and it’ll create a master itinerary for each trip.

Roadtrippers (only in US and Canada) It is the ultimate road travel companion which helps you discover millions of places in real time as you move through the trip. Currently, contents of the app are focused on US only, but in the near future, they’ll be expanding globally.

AppRating (On play Store)AvailabilityCost
Google Trips4/5Android, iOSFree
TripIt4.5/5Android, iOSPremium. $49/year
Roadtrippers4/5Android, iOSPremium, $29.99/year

III) Currency Converter

One of the hassles every tourist eventually faces is converting currency from his or her own currency to what is acceptable in where he/she is traveling. Every country has got its own version of currency. As prices tend to be volatile and keep fluctuating from time to time, apps that keep track of it come really handy. Currency conversion apps keep you updated with the exact rates at any given moment.

Currency Converter Applications

Here Are Top Three Picks

XECurrency The best currency conversion app you’ll come across, it has all the world’s currencies in its database which is highly reliable. It has much more added features for premium users.

Currency Pro Along with currency conversion, you can use it as a calculator. It has data from major central banks and Yahoo finance to provide the most accurate data.

Currency Banknotes. A visually appealing app, you can see the actual representation of the denominations of the cash you’re converting your cash into.

AppRating (On Play Store)Availability          Cost
XE Currency4.2/5Android, iOS, Windows, BlackberryPremium. $1.99
Currency Converter Plus5/5AndroidFree
Currency Pro4/5(on iTunes)iOS$1.99

Bonus addition: Google. Yes, you can use the search engine giant for currency conversion as well.

IV) Language Learning

Another challenge one faces while traveling abroad is the language barrier. Even within one country, vocab and dialects vary even when the language remains the same. By making use of the language learning apps, you’ll enjoy your trips to foreign places in a much better way. By having a basic understanding of the local language, you’ll be able to read the street signs, communicate feebly with the locals which will gain you respect among the local population and you’ll be treated in a friendlier manner.

Language Learning Applications

Here Are Top Three Picks

Duolingo Learn any language you want anytime, anywhere with this app. Learn new words daily, complete lessons, improve grammar and continuously hone your language skills.

HelloTalk Learn a foreign language the best way: chatting with a local. Besides learning a new language, it’s a useful app to explore new cultures and make some friends in a foreign country. It has over 10 million registered users you can chat with.

Memrise With over 200 video courses created by expert linguists coupled with instant chatbots, it’s a brilliant tool for spatial learning.

AppRating (On Play Store)AvailabilityCost
Duolingo4.7/5Android, iOSFree
HelloTalk4.3/5Android, iOSFree
Memrise4.7/5Android, iOSPremium, $4.90/month

V) Expense Tracking Software

When you’re traveling abroad enjoy your vacation, keeping track of your expenses can be quite tricky. Often times, you’ll have no idea how much you’ve spent and how much you’re left with. People tend to overspend at one place and are left with none to spend at another. To tackle this problem, take the help of the expense tracking apps that keep you updated on your dollars in your pocket. Our top three picks are:

Expense Tracking Software

Trabee Pocket It helps you keeps track of travel expenses and you can see how much is spent & available at a glance on the spot.

Trail Wallet It is another simple expense tracking app which is designed to be fast and easier to use. It also helps in setting up a daily or monthly budget and adds expenses to it as you go.

Expensify Specifically for corporate users and travel managers, it creates up to date, real time expense reports which can be further used for auditing and accounting purposes.

AppRating (On Play Store)AvailabilityCost
Trabee Pocket4.4/5Android, iOSFree
Trail Wallet4.8/5 (on iTunes)iOSFree (up to 25 items)
Expensify4.1/5Android, iOSPremium, $5/user

VI) Local Events App

It is said to enjoy a city or town to its fullest, apart from the sightseeing sites, attend the local events that are happening during your tour. They might be cultural, educational, regional, rock concerts, or something of your liking. There are a number of apps specifically devoted to helping you find events near you, but from our experience, the top three are:

Local Events Apps

EventBrite World’s largest platform to create small and large events, you should find any form the event from pop-up dinner to large festivals near you with just a scan.

Meetup It is a Facebook-style website and app which allows users to create, schedule, join events using a common platform.

Field Trip Find cool, hidden, and unique things and events around you that are not heavily marketed. As you move through a location, it pops up an invitation card with details of it.

AppRating (On Play Store)AvailabilityCost
EventBrite4.4/5Android, iOS, WebCharges as per tickets
Meetup4.2/5Android, iOS, WebFree
Field Trip3.7/5Android, iOSFree

VII) Travel Insurance

Undeniably, travel insurance is one of the most important constituents of your trip. Even though it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to get one while you’re traveling abroad or domestically. In case of any mishaps, it covers the damage cost and takes a lot of burden off of your shoulder in such situations. Our top two travel insurance apps are:

Travel Insurance Applications

Travel Smart An app from Allianz Group, you can book the best travel insurance packages at the click of a button.

Travel Insured A useful app from one of the biggest travel insurance companies, it saves your time from having to print, organize, and carry your paper documents everywhere you go. With this app, you can have it anywhere.

AppRating (On Play Store)AvailabilityCost
Travel Smart3/5Android, iOSFree
Travel Insured3.7/5AndroidFree

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