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When you are exploring the world, the word beautiful comes to the mind. Isn’t it? We always prefer the good places to visit. And in visiting the beautiful places we discover that we have missed something. And that gap can be covered by the tours and travel guide.

Nile Holiday is arguably the best tour operator in Egypt, who offers a wide arrange of sites and options for everyone from the budget to luxury traveller. Listed below are the glimpses of Egypt Budget Tours.


Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It holds the most beautiful places in the world. People, who visit Egypt, can miss some of the places. But in our guide, it cannot happen. Below are the main attractions….

• Pyramid of Giza- This place is one of the main attractions of Egypt. It stands tall and attracts everyone to it.

• Egyptian Museum –holds the pictures of animals and jewellery collection.

• The Citadel-The mosque of Mohommed Ali is the biggest attraction and it was built in 1176.

• Sultan Hassan Mosque-It is made of Arabic design and one of the greatest designs in the world.

• Ibn Tulun Mosque- It was built in 876 AD. And it is the most attractive one.

• Al-Azhar Mosque- It was built in 972 AD and one of the oldest surviving Mosques.


It has an African atmosphere and is so relaxing and quiet one. In Egyptian Holidays this catches the eye most of the time. Below are the main attractions….

• Elephantine Island-In Aswan it is the major highlighting place. The museum is well performed by its artistry.

• Monastery of St.Simeon- It is the best part of Aswan and it sits in the dusty areas of the Christianity people.

• Aswan High dams- It is the dam length in 3.6 km and took 11 years to build. And it supplies power or electricity through it.

• Nubia Museum- It is the best museum in Aswan and it is wonderfully structured and its beauty spread all over.

• Philae temple- This is the most sacred one and its creation is outstanding.


It was the ancient capital of Egypt and located on the banks of the river Nile. And it is 500 km far from Cairo. Below are the main attractions….

• Valley of the kings – It belongs to the kings of 18s, 19s and 20s. Its wall painting tells us more about it. It is so clear that it catches our eyes.

• Temple of Karnak – It is one of the best places in Luxor. It holds so many temples within it.

• Colossi of Memnon- It sit in the west bank of river Nile. And it has the iconic and gigantic statues.

• Luxor temple and Museum – This museum is the place to hold the ancient things that happened to Egypt.

• Temple of Deir al-bahri – This temple sits in between the desert hills and the Rocky Mountains.


Hurghada has located about 20 km from the red sea. It is a must-visit place in Egypt. It helps visitors to have a dig dive into the sea. Below are the main attractions….

• Umm Qumar- This is an island located in Hurghada. Its beauty is mindboggling. And it helps the visitors to go inside it.

• Gota Abu Ramada- It is named as Aquarium. And it has a depth about 300 ft.

• Hurghada Marina- It is an excellent place to visit and roam around. And the beach is full of restaurants and shops.

• Giftun Island- It has beautiful beaches and the water is so clear that we can go fishing.


It is situated in the south of Aswan about 280 km. This place was about to destroy by the Aswan river but, after that, it was saved. Below are the main attractions….

• Temple of Ramses – The temple front forecourt is open now. But it was not open before by the north and south brick walls.

• Colossi of Ramses- These are the guards from the inner temple. They are built so vastly that they look taller than others and it has a good scenic view.

• Transverse Chamber- On the walls of it, the worshipping of their lord is shown.

• Temple of Hathor- It is situated in a rocky place. And it is separated from the temple.


Here in Egypt, It gives the best attractions to visit. So it is more beautiful to visit Nile Cruise ships.

You’ll always remember the unique feeling of cruising down one of the world’s most renowned streams—a waterway that has been essential to Egypt’s agricultural and monetary prosperity since ancient times. As you travel through Luxor and Aswan, you’ll pass an array of temples, tombs, and monuments.

Make the most of your ship and take advantage of all its amenities on Egypt Budget Tours. Numerous ships are fitted with pools, spas, and comfortable cabins, where you can unwind following a monotonous day in the sun. If you want to know more, then visit @ https://www.nileholiday.com/egypt-budget-tours/

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