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Helpful Tips To Experience Egypt For Ancient Wonders

  • Jan 09, 2018

  • Nile Holiday

Does the history of the mighty pharaohs and ancient pyramids interest you? Do you keep interested in temples and tombs? If yes, then a Trip To Egypt is the right option to explore a land known for rich history, culture and monuments. The city of Luxor boasts the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens, the final resting places of both King Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertari. Cruise ships float down the Nile into the city of Aswan. This charming little town is small enough to explore on foot and after visiting Aswan, make sure to take a trip to Cairo and Egypt’s most famous landmarks, the pyramids. These ancient mysteries are a definite must see!

Entry Requirements:

Enry Requirements

Every traveller planning a foreign trip knows that the visa and the passport are the most essential documents one has to carry with him for entry, stay and exit from the visiting country. Any one visiting Egypt must hold a passport valid for 6 months from the date of visit. All visiting except EU and USA must register themselves with the police within one week of their arrival in Egypt.   Visa is a must to enter the country unless you belong to any of the visa exempted nation. Before your travel, you can get a visa from an Egyptian Consulate outside Egypt. In case you want to stay for more days, then you need to extend your visa and you can apply for visa extension in Egyptian Passport and Immigration Offices. Don’t purchase the visa from any of the agent arriving at the Egypt airport. You may be charged higher or harassed by the agent. It is always advisable to get the visa before you travel to this land.

Getting In: 

Egypt is well-connected to many places by well-served international airlines which have regular and direct flights from across the globe. The international airports in Egypt are located at Alexandria, Luxor, Cairo, Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa, Aswan and Alam.

Local Laws And Customs:

It is very important to keep knowledge on the local laws and the customs of the country you are visiting. This would make your travel to a land more pleasurable and hassle- free.   Egypt is predominantly an Islamic country. Make sure that, any of your action ever is not going to offend to the culture and religious beliefs of the people. Dress modestly, especially in rural areas, mosques and markets. Women clothes should cover the legs and upper arms while the men their chests. Take alcohol only at the licensed restaurants or bars. Intoxication is not allowed on streets. Taking photographs of public buildings and other important infrastructure of the land is strictly prohibited.

Helpful Tips On Travelling Egypt:

Helpful Tips

 Look For A Good Operator: 

You can reach to your targeted operators with the internet. Get connected with them, collect information from their sites, ask questions that would cater to your travelling need the best , and only then you can have a good operator for you.

Booking And Discounts: 

Book your tour immediately with the operator finding the best suitable for you. Avail the discounts, sometimes are declared by some of the agencies on early booking. The early booking would help you in finding the good accommodation; transfer etc, besides you can avoid the rush in the pick season by booking early.

Choosing The Right Package: 

Many companies and various types of boats are providing diverse tour packages starting from Fecullas to the big ships. So it would not be a difficult task for you to choose the right package for you from abundant of packages available for you. Just think which one is going to best fit your time frame.

 Things To Carry: 

Packing for international travel has been very easy for the regular visitors. Because, while packing their luggage they consider the weather condition and the places to visit etc. Especially while packing for Egypt you need to pack the accessories such as sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen etc along with loose fitting dress.   Take a trip that matches to your dreams with Nile Holiday that offers you high quality escorted Egypt ToursTravel Packages and Nile CruisesTravel To Egypt can help you in looking forward to exciting activities, an adventurous holiday, spectacular sights and hours of relaxation on this sunniest coastline of the planet. The iconic pyramids which date back the origin to ancient era, bustling medieval markets that are full of vibrant colors and endless desert dotted with oases of palm trees and on the other hand the modern coastal holiday resorts, busy city life and cruising on Nile combining the bests of both worlds.   Book now with Nile Holiday to avoid the crowd and, to get your cabin booked in the most luxurious boat floating on Nile. We are the best in structuring your itinerary on the vast blue water of river Nile as per your desire and budget. Just explore Egypt from ancient to modern, water to desert in your own style and taste with more flexibility. Just drop us a mail to give you a vacation that would resound in your mind for all times to come.

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