Egypt Tours For Indians: Pros And Cons

Egypt, the famous land of the Pharaohs and Pyramids, is on every traveller’s dream destination lists. However, Indian travellers travelling to this stunning country are quite insignificant. Mainly, as many of them do not know what Egypt has in store for them and while some of them are doubtful about if it is a safe and friendly place to travel, while some of them are subjected to a string of complaints from those who have travelled Egypt. So, if you are on them, and are confused about travelling to Egypt, then we at Nile Holidays are here to help you create a tailor-made Egypt Tour Package, which will allow you to discover this North African and have a lifetime experience.

Egypt not only has stunning monuments, temples, and tombs but it also has loads of history which will keep you intrigued during your trip as you visit every place you visit.

And the best part is that you can see all of these, for less money than any of the European destinations. However, listed below are some of the points which you have to keep in mind while taking a Trip To Egypt.

What To See?

Egypt is a land of monuments, temples, and tombs and each of it is stunning and magnificent so it becomes very difficult to cover all these monuments in a short period of time. So it is best to decide about the places you want to visit during your Egypt Holidays. There it is best to make a list of it and have a discussion with your tour operator regarding this earlier. This will help not only you to get the best from the trip but you can also know the extra expenditure which is not included in your package and you have to bear it, for example, a ticket to Tutankhamun’s tomb, or to Mummy room is not included in the tickets to the Pyramid and museum which the tour operator provides.

Below are some important places which you can visit during your Egypt Tours:

  • The pyramids and the Sphinx at Cario
  • The Egyptian Antiquities Museum at Cario
  • The Valley of the Kings  at Luxor
  • Karnak temple at Luxor
  • Luxor temple
  • The Nile Cruise is a must on your Trips To Egypt
  • The Abu Simbel temple at Aswan
  • Philae and Temple of Isis At Aswan

Be Careful While Shopping

Egypt is a shopper’s paradise, but be alert as you could be easily cheated or overcharged by the shops.

One of the most important tactics that tourists, must learn before shopping in Egyptian markets, is how to bargain and how to negotiate in order to get the best price. Also, be aware of fake items in place of real ones otherwise you can be easily cheated. For example, be aware of fake goods during your Trip To Egypt like banana leaf paintings instead of real papyrus painting, or ordinary stone or glass jewelry in the pretext of semi-precious stones. So always look for authenticate shops for shopping.

Also while bargaining, don’t be rude rather use a sweet word as it will get you a good bargain than hard brokering. And if you know some Arabic phrases then use it while communicating with shopkeepers, these would work like magic and you can get the best price for the goods.

The most famous and the largest bazaar in Egypt is the Khan El Khalili Market, in Cairo. This 500-year-old market is a maze of streets, lanes, stores, and shops which will leave you spoiled for choice in terms of where to go, what to buy, and how much to pay.

Apart from Khan El Khalili Market listed below are some of the local markets where you can shop:

  • • The Tentmakers Bazaar – Handmade appliqués.
  • •  Egypt Crafts Center – Gifts and souvenirs.
  • •  The Spice Market.
  • •  The Nomad Gallery – Jewellery, Crafts, Clothes,
  • •  Souvenirs Colour Gallery – Souvenirs, Arabic utensils, Pottery.
  • •  Redaa el-Marwan

Accommodations Are Comfortable

There’s a wide range of accommodation available throughout Egypt which you can avail of during your Egypt Holidays. While some hotels offer great value, others provide a suitable place to stay and several properties provide luxurious comfort. Egypt also has some wonderful historic hotels, rich in charm and quality. While many international chains of reputed hotel franchises are also available which have more facilities and offer a comfortable stay. You can also opt for hotels located near the Nile as it allows viewing some of the most stunning views of the Nile from your room.

Best Time To Visit

The Best Time To Visit Egypt is in winter. So, it can be a great destination for your winter vacation. However, you can also visit Egypt from May-July. The nights are cooler In Egypt and even if you travel during the hot and humid April also you will need light woolens at night.

Apart from the above points, Egypt is one of the countries where stealing is almost non-existent. So, don’t have to worry about being mugged or getting into a scrape either. Also, eve-teasing is non-existent in Egypt, making it one of the safest countries for female solo travelers. Even though Egyptians may frown upon foreigners who roam around in skimpy clothes, but no one stare. The police system of Egypt is also strict and there are special tourists police who are present everywhere, making it appear like a police state.

If you want to discover this ancient civilization and go on an Egypt Tour to explore its architectural brilliance, history, and culture then visit us at Nile Holiday as we provide a variety of tour packages to Egypt catering to different budgets and varied itinerary to give our customer a once in a lifetime experience.

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