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Check Out Our Luxor Tours And Get A Unique Travel Experience

  • Oct 25, 2018

  • Nile Holiday

Egypt’s landscape offers a unique travel experience. Go now to come back with the storied histories it has to offer. Nile Holiday runs a number of departures to Egypt encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater for different tastes. Check out our trips to this mesmerizing land that has a lot to offer all the visitors received here for a grand trip. Luxor Tours can take you back you to the time and age that used to be so mystic and royal. Moreover, all such tours are quite refreshing from the busy schedules of your daily lives whether they are personal or professional.

Here, are some of the ways through which you are going to get a unique travel experience are as follows:-

Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride In Luxor is an ideal way to experience the world’s largest open-air museum. During the ride, you will be able to see a stunning sunrise over Luxor while travelling on the top of various ruins and temples of the city. Your balloon ride operator will help you to spot various sightseeing places from above that will just magnificent.
  • During your Luxor Day Tours, the hot air balloon ride will be just awesome when you will just fly over a valley of kings, exotic sites in Luxor west bank and the entire Nile river from the sky.
  • Moreover, during your balloon ride, you can also sail towards the sugarcane fields and the temples such as Medinet Habu temple, The Ramesseum Temple, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon.
  • Visitors who are first-timers to Egypt must be aware of the facts before taking this joyful ride such as this balloon ride departs every morning on a daily basis and every single ride takes 45 minutes before you land and getting back to the hotel.

Walk To The Luxor Temple

  • There is nothing more exciting than visiting Luxor Temple via walking or through your walking tours. During your walk, you are going to get cheesy details that say that this specific temple has undergone numerous changes over the centuries.
  • While on this walking trip you will also get to know that this temple has helped to preserve most of the things like art, artefacts, mummies and several of other important things of that time that had helped modern archaeologists including the normal tourists to know about the lifestyle of the people of that time.
  • During the tour, the caretakers of the temple and museum will also tell you about the ancient and pre-historic methods that were used to preserve the human remains as well as the artefacts.

Catch A Ride To Karnak Temple

  • Normally there are different ways to start your Day Trips In Luxor Egypt. But while catching a ride to Karnak temple via a taxi can be your best experience because they are affordable and efficient and the drivers are friendly whenever it comes to interacting with the tourists and making the ride comfortable for them.
  • During your ride, you can be able to tour the Karnak Temple that is known as the largest religious centre of Thebes & Upper Egypt.
  • It will be better if an expert Egyptologist accompanies you along the ride. During the ride, he will be able to explain to you about the vast open-air museum of the Karnak temple & the second largest ancient religious site in the world.
  • Moreover, during your ride, you will also be able to know that this temple is dedicated to Theban Triad with the God Amun as its head as well as mother goddess Mut and the god Khonsu the son.    

Ride Along The Nile To The Valley Of The Kings

  • There are multiple ways to make Luxor Tours successful during the trip. Using the cruise boats is one of them. With them, you can ride along the Nile with the Valley of the Kings.
  • During the ride, you will come across the Valley of the Kings that still stands strongly against the will and storms of time.
  • In case, if you get a shortstop during your ride at this particular venue, you can personally have a closer look at the mummification process and you will also get to know the main reason for it.
  • During your learning process at the Valley Of The Kings, you will ultimately know that People of Egypt during that prehistoric time greatly believed in the afterlife and because of this primary reason Kings and Pharaohs used to get buried after going through a précised mummification process.  

Eat A Camel Burger

Have you ever tasted a camel burger? Yes, you will get to taste one during your Trips To Luxor. After eating the camel burger, you will get the feeling like chewing on cheese pizza added with chewy top-ups.  All such camel burgers are made up of camel meat. Try it out, only, if you are nonveg meat eater.

To Tour Or Not To Tour?

By making the choice to go for Excursions From Luxor you are going to enjoy it lot because such a trip or tour is providing lots of affordable packages with great discounts that comes under the tour.

Actually, with a tour package, you can be able to tour lots of destinations in Egypt because the tour operator will take care of everything. With a tour package, you can be the boss enjoying Egypt.

When it comes to personal tour without an Egypt Tour Package, you have to take care of everything and you can possibly face hurdles while dealing with locals and authorities there.

So going with a tour package is something that will save you from all the hurdles.

Check out Egypt with us today! Egypt  Travel is an exceptional experience that comes only once or twice in your lifetime and also helps you in getting the much-needed break you deserve. Get in touch with us @ for Luxor Tours today that will bring numerous excitements for you.

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