Planning For A Vacation In Egypt With Friends – Here Is The Best Egypt Travel Guide!

Friends are very special in life, the time has been spent together will be memorable. The time you may spend at Egypt Tours will ultimately amazing. As Egypt is great tourism of historical monuments, you will have a great ancient explore.  Almost every kind of holiday element is available here. People use to come to Egypt Family Holidays and explore the cities like Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, Hurghada, and Aswan Nile cruise to Luxor.


You can have unlimited fun and a great time with your friends. All of you must explore the

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza

2. Nile Cruise Party With Friends

3. Desert Safari By Quads With Friends

4. Karnak and Luxor Temples

5. Diving In Red Sea with Your Friends

6. Hot Air Balloon Travel At Luxor

And many more…

Nile Holiday provides perfect Egypt Tour Packages by adding measure tours with your plan. Just plan in out and have great joy with your friends.


Tours in Egypt

The time you are going to spend, it should be precious. The proper and organized planning will make your Tours in Egypt, smooth and enjoyable. There are certain things which may seem minor but it has great value for your journey. You and your friends should look after these vital tips.

  • Check What Does Friend Want

What are the exact plan of your group?

Is it for exploring the great historical monuments?

Is it for having a breath-taking relaxation in coastal resorts?

Or is it for a luxurious party night at Nile cruise?

First of all to settle on the basics like where will you go and for how extended you will stay? Then try to agree on what you need to do during the Egypt Tours.

  • Remember; Everybody Will Need Some Private Time

It is all time enjoyable to travel with friends. But you and your friend always cannot able to stick together all the time. Several persons will have dissimilar comforts and interest. So, you may split your times according to your comfort for some time or a day and again unite. This is a boundless way to enjoy your tourism with friends without any overwrought.

  • Cooperate With Each Other’s Decisions

As everybody will be on vacation, so there will be no one way decision. You must be patient and flexible with others decision. As you may have enough money, you may share for a meal or service, wait your friend for extra minutes. Just you need to remember that came together, will go together with each other and enjoy.

  • Agree On Budgets

Budget is a very vital thing to talk over. You choose a group with a similar budget and predilections to have a smooth tour. Everybody does not prefers five stars accommodation, while some another prefers to stay at a diffident stay. So you must plan all that monetary details carefully and have a clear talk with Egypt Destination Guide.

  • Carefully Pack Your Gadgets For Egypt

No doubt there will be no mistakes in your packing. But the thing is there must need to bring. First, you should pick personal stuff like your phone, glasses, hygiene products, and makeup (for women).

Then according to whether all you need to pack the clothes. As it is a sunny country and extremely cold after dusk. The sunscreen is advisable to Egypt. And the most essential part is a camera to capture your wonderful moments and explorations.


Egypt has to propose with our finely chosen Egypt Tour packages. Self-regulating & expert tour guides, personal facilities, will make chances for magical experiences of top tourist attractions in Egypt.

  • Giza Pyramids – Plan a Vacation to Egypt with Your Friends – Trips in Egypt
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Temple of Abu Simbel with Friends
  • Karnak Temples
  • Temple at Aswan
  • Elephantine Island
  •  Nubian Museum
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Luxor Temple
  • Temple of Deir al-Bahri (Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple)
  • Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo)


Tours in Egypt

There are so many things to but the Things To Do In Egypt would be very special. Let’s have a look

Cairo Streets and Friends

Cairo has an antique look exposed in the old ancient Islamic street. Regions as well as old churches and monumental castles and citadels. If your group likes shopping then the remarkable bazaar of Khan El Khalili will be a perfect choice.

Outstanding Nile Cruise with Friends

The Egypt Nile Cruise sails between Aswan and Luxor structures a lot of high-quality amenities and calming lodging. It is the best experience with your friends.

Felucca to Nubian Village

It is the unspoiled endpoint for those who want to get close to a countless and ancient culture. You can travel from the village from Aswan City by having a Felucca “Nile Boat“. You will love the sail on the board of the Felucca as the Nile glosses due to sun rays.

Amazing Hot Air Balloon in Luxor

Have a look on beauty of Luxor is through Luxor hot air balloon tour. You will fly up to observer and relish the outstanding view with your friends.

Quads Safari In Desert

You will have a golden soft sands of the western desert while riding quad bikes. The silence of the desert is kind of you feel calm and melodious.

Nights in Red Sea Desert

One of the charming things, the dark nights of the Red Sea desert is liking the amazing shining stars and asteroids. The night sky is permitting those who love to give a deep dive into the splendor of the endless skies.

Tours in Egypt

Being with the friends at the proper place will affect in a perfect and unforgettable holiday. Be planned for where to go and what are you going to do in Egypt Tours. It will a very obliging way to smooth the way between everyone’s personal predilections.

Your friend will have magical involvement that will be recalled for upcoming year. “Trips in Egypt” suggest to you our Nile Holiday to enjoy each moment travelling splendour with your friends.

You can ask us @ Nile Holiday to make the flawless journey for you and your friends and information like Family Holidays In Egypt and Egypt Family Holiday Packages.

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