Other Famous Sites
Other Famous Sites

Tourism In Egypt has some of the most beautiful Egyptian Sites and an exciting contemporary culture, the trove of antiquities is what attracts most visitors.

From all-inclusive sightseeing tours, accommodation arrangements and transportation procedures- every aspect of your Egypt Tours will be wisely chosen to cater to your taste and interest. All you must do now is sit back and enjoy the show!

Few More Must-Visit Sites In Egypt Are:

White Desert

The White Desert white, chalk-like mountains that look like a snow-covered wonderland in the middle of the parched sand. The sand mountains look like eruptions out of a science fiction movie with pinnacles resembling icebergs and with few white boulders. Anyone who’s had their fill of temples and tombs will enjoy this magnificent natural scenery.

South Sinai

Egypt’s center for beach fun is the South Sinai province on the Sinai Peninsula. Sharm el-Sheikh is a European-style resort full of premium hotels, cosmopolitan restaurants, and bags of entertainment opportunities.

Between the border town of Taba and port town of Nuweiba and the, are the bamboo hut retreats that offer complete get-away-from-it-all respites from life. South Sinai is all about diving no matter whatever place you choose to stay. The Red Sea one of the top diving destinations of the world in South Sinai region has a cluster of some of the best diving sites.


A low budget traveller hub, Dahab is as much about desert adventures and excursions as the sea.

Located some 85 km to the north of Sharm el-Sheikh along the Gulf of Aqaba, near the southern tip of Sinai, Dahab is a site not to be missed on your trip list. Once an isolated coastal village, Dahab advanced itself into a hippie hangout capital in the 1980’s and became an alternative resort town with mixed and cheap accommodation and a laid-back lifestyle. Watersport activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and camel and jeep trips make it one of the most sought destinations along the Red Sea.

Red Sea Reef

The Red Sea, off the Egyptian coast, is one of the most happening places in the world to go diving. With a wide expansion of coral formations on the stone reefs, the Red Sea Reef is home to a number of sea creatures. The relatively old and touristy place Hurghada and a cluster of new resort towns lie on the west coast of the Red Sea.

These classifications are not ending alls. We can also divide them into Egyptian Sites, where we can get into details. That is why we offer guides with multiple language skills and experience in Egyptology to help you see your dream destination with new eyes and fall in love with Egypt as we do. Egypt Tour Packages give you the chance to experience Egypt’s history and best attractions.

Tourism In Egypt has a lot for tourists to see and do. The eclectic mix of activities that blends culture, adventure, and relaxation into a perfect vacation awaits you in Egypt. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to Famous Egyptian Sites and the Red Sea.

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Other Famous Sites

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