Egypt Wine & Dine
Egypt Wine & Dine

Fine Egypt Wine & Dine are the pre-requisite for any romantic foreign travel. So, how can Egypt stay behind in this arena? After all, it’s on everybody’s dream destination list.

Egypt Tours are worth visiting that lets you leave the modern world behind and enjoy the naturally deserted retreat kingdoms of ancient culture and lifestyle.

Nile Holiday brings you some very remarkable and ingenious Things To Do In Egypt. Let’s break the things according to various locations.

To better understand, we can divide Egypt’s exceptional wine and dine in 4 categories:

  • Egypt cities or inland
  • Egypt desert and oases
  • Egypt coastal areas
  • Egypt’s Nile cruises

Whether it’s ever-lively Cairo or ever-fascinating Alexandria, irreverent desert or the reverent Nile, soul-touching Aswan or mind-blowing Hurghada, Egypt hasn’t failed to show its culinary art and impress the world with its flavour and hospitality.

Wine & Dine in Egyptian City

  • Cairo: Whether you are in search for private dining or just popular restaurants, Romantic restaurants for couples or Restaurants with Nile view, Cairo offers a large selection and you won’t be sorry either.

Best Places: Four Seasons, Left Bank, Sequoia, Hana, Gigi Burger Bar…

  • Alexandria: This magical city is a breath of fresh air from Ancient Egypt’s thick web of mystic. It has its own charm and flavours to add.

Best Places: Babylos, Il Punto, Delices, Zephyrion…

  • Luxor: Ancient Egypt’s treasure trove on the bank of Nile is a must see attraction. It captures Ancient Egypt’s aura and flavour magnificently and with fine wine and dine option is tourist top choice.

Best Places: Sunflower Retaurant, The Lantern, Sofra Restaurant…

  • Giza: The place is Ancient Egypt’s largest necropolis and Desert city. However it has made its mark undisputedly and shown tourist its charm is exclusive.

Best Places: 3al Genena, Eat & Barrel, Hayda…

  • Aswan: located on the banks of Nile, Aswan is a true window to real Egypt. The Nubian lifestyle and islands surrounding high dam is incomparable.

Best Places: 1902, Aswan Moon, Orangerie, El Dokka…

Wine & Dine In The Egyptian Desert

If you are staying at a Bedouin camp at night, you are in for traditional gastronomical surprises. And for an Arabian night in Egyptian Desert, you don’t have to plan much. Ask you tour operator to arrange a Bedouin experience and then ride into desert with the travel company’s guide into the desert and experience camel and ATV rides. Then settle in for a traditional BBQ and dinner followed by entertainment Bedouin style.

Wine & Dine in Egyptian Beach

There are resorts that give the best private and romantic wine and dine experience.

  • Hurghada: Red Sea coast and tourist hot choice hold some of the best resorts and restaurants for you to experience.

Best Places: Giftun Azure Resort, Sea Gull, Divino Restaurant…

  • MarsaAlam: Next to Hurghada but not any less significant beach has some fabulous wine and dine choices.

Best Places: Novotel, Hilton, Moon Resort…

  • Port Safaga: Less crowded and bliss no doubt has equally magnificent choices.

Best Places: Ali Baba, Lotus Bay, Caribbean World Resort.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh: Sinai’s pride and joy and tourist first Red Sea beach choice has a lot to offer in flavour and charm.

Best Places: Shish Bish Restaurant, Il Frantoio, Waha pool bar & restaurant.

  • Dahab: The exquisite red sea choice of Sinai does not shrink away in food and flavour either.

Best Places: Nemo restaurant, Ramez & Paola restaurant, El Mundo..

Wine & Dine in Nile River

Wining and dining in cruises and felucca rides in the Nile or on the banks of Nile, the experience is out of the world and just waiting to take you out.

But even after all that, Egypt Tourism brings Egypt spectacular beaches, Egypt’s art & culture, thrilling activities, food, riveting nightlife, and many more action and adventure.

Egypt loves to entertain and has lots of flavours to offer likewise. It’s a shame if you miss all these flavours and colours of Egypt on your visit. Let Nile Holiday give you all Egypt has to offer…

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