Traveling To Egypt as an American Traveler in 2024 – 2025!

The beauty of Egypt and its vast history has been attracting and gaining loads of accolades from travelers around the world. As a tourist destination, Egypt has a lot to explore and enjoy. Ancient Egyptian civilization grew along the banks of the Nile River and is among the oldest civilizations. Egypt Tours includes everything that makes it an ideal holiday option. The ancient artifacts, the pyramids, the temples, the tombs, etc. speak leaps and bounds about the country’s contribution to the world and its people.

As an American Traveller, there must be many ifs and buts in your mind regarding your Trip To Egypt. Therefore, if you are Planning To Visit Egypt anytime sooner it is quite essential to plan and proceed accordingly. It is always better to opt-in for an Egyptian Guide for a hassle-free move within the country which is full of hidden gems. Egypt is favorable to travel during the whole year, the time between October and April being the most preferred due to the pleasant climate and lesser crowd.

Egypt is divided into two parts Upper Egypt in the south as it is located towards the upriver direction of the Nile’s flow from Aswan to Giza and lower Egypt in the north as it is located downriver, the Nile Delta. Being an American, you would love to visualize the uniqueness of Egyptian ancient buildings and the history is sure to keep you captivated throughout. Egypt being one of the safest countries in the world also guarantees the protection of its visitors thus offering an enjoyable holiday. Egypt Travel Packages with Nile Holiday provides ultimate services and facilities to all its clients in terms of safety, information, sightseeing, food, entertainment, and loads of memories to take back home.

Most Preferred Things To Do In Egypt As American Traveller

Egypt is a beautiful country with so much to see and explore. Its monumental beauties are one of its kind and the Nile cruises are so worthwhile that one should not give it a miss. However, we list out certain activities that you may consider including in your itineraries before checking into Egypt.

1. Visit The Pyramid Of Giza Complex: The greatest Egyptian attractions include the pyramids and their brilliant construction. Human efforts put beautifully to life through these pyramids standing tall till today are a site worth visiting. Nearby lies The Great Sphinx, which has a face of a human and the body of a lion.

2. Luxor’s Karnak Temple: Luxor is known for the Karnak temple, the Valley of the Kings, and the memorial temple of Hatshepsut. One can easily spend the day admiring the beauty of these monuments.

3. Exploring Aswan: Aswan is known to be the most tranquil town in Egypt. You can choose to unwind yourself on a felucca or on a riverboat restaurant watching the sunset. Perfect for spending lazy days and the most loving way for sightseeing.

4. Choosing The Nile Cruise: Choosing the waterway for discovering incredible Egypt is the most relaxing option to spend your holiday.  There are huge alternatives to cruise ships and boats available. Pick the one most suitable as per budget and preference and have a wonderful ride across the magnificent Nile River.

5. Diving The Red Sea: Choosing to dive in the red sea allows you to explore the vast and fascinating underwater life. Beautiful corals, colorful reef fish, dolphins, turtles, sharks, and a lot more.

6. Exploring The Capital City Cairo: Busiest streets of Cairo and its ancient monuments are a major crowd puller. The shopping souk Khan el- Khalili can be your shopping destination if you want to pick up a few items back home.

From Our American Travellers Mouth:

Thomas S (San Francisco, California)

Review Of: Tour to Ramesseum, Habu Temples, and the Valley of the Nobles

Initially, I had booked this tour to visit a few sites that I had wanted to visit but missed on another tour, (the Ramussem and tomb of the nobles). I wasn’t too sure about this one at first because I had taken a tour earlier which included Habu Temple fairly recently. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tour. The guide, Hesham had a very good understanding of the temple, and was able to explain large parts of the temple which I later found I had questions on, and many details I missed earlier. He was also great at pointing out many of the details and explaining the history of both the Ramesseum and the temple of the nobles as well. (It should be noted that guides were not allowed in the tombs for the valley of the nobles, but Hesham took the time to describe what I would see and what that would mean).

Fan Z (New York City, New York)

Review Of: Private Tour to Valley of the Queens, Valley of the Artisans, and Habu Temple

This tour was the perfect complement to a Nile cruise, which usually only takes you to Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut Temple on the West Bank. With this tour you get to see the rest of it, and the company is very flexible at letting you add on additional sites like Ramesseum and Tombs of the Nobles.

My tour guide Hesham Hamad was wonderful. He’s professional, funny, and insightful-giving you a great deal of information about the sites; he could honestly describe every detail in a tomb. Also gave the right mix of guiding with free time to explore as well.

While there is a huge number of tourist attractions to keep your days occupied, there are certain important points to keep in mind during your Tours In Egypt.

  1. Keeping your personal documents including the travel insurance and health insurance handy all the time.
  2. Make necessary research on hotels, their pickup and drop facilities.
  3. Being American traveller you can get your visa on arrival which is actually cheaper.
  4. Internal transfers have to be booked well in advance in order to avoid unavailability.
  5. Regarding accommodation, it is better to hire professional touring companies so that it becomes easier to find a descent one as per the budget.
  6. The currency used is Egyptian Pound & American Dollar.
  7. Arrange for local SIM for establishing connection until you get the Wi-Fi access of the hotel room or the cruise.
  8. Do not forget to carry essential medicines
  9. Keep a bottle of water handy all the time.
  10. Do not hesitate to approach the local police or tourist police for any kind of assistance.

Traveling To Egypt is definitely a wonderful way to experience the wonders of the world. The country and its people have always been so welcoming and warm to all the visitors from all over the globe. Nile Holiday organizes wonderful Egypt Tours with commendable services. For further details, please free to connect!

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