A Guide to Luxor Holidays, Egypt – Where to Stay, Eat and Shop?

Your Trip To Egypt remains incomplete without visiting Luxor. Luxor happen to be a part of the ancient capital of the country. Luxor boasts to provide with handful of experience and site to make note of! Filled with archaeological finesse, tombs, temples and monuments Luxor is definitely a place worthy visiting. Luxor Tours planned carefully by Nile Holiday as per the time and preference guides our clients to explore the city with much ease and comfort.

Top Luxor Attractions To Explore During Your Egypt Trip:

The Valley Of The Kings: The valley of the kings is known to be the burial place of some of the great Pharaohs of the new kingdom. It has about 63 tombs within the complex. The most famous tomb is the tomb of Tutankhamun.These uniquely constructed tombs are definitely a must try during your Luxor City Breaks.

The Hatshepsut Temple: It is a mortuary temple built during the reign of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, who was the first female king of Egypt. During your Egypt Tour, our guide takes you through the magnificence of the temple in complete detail.

Medinet Habu Temple: According to ancient belief, this was the place where God Amun Re first appeared. The whole temple complex is surrounded by a huge enclosure wall. With Nile Holiday you can plan to explore this rich heritage site in your upcoming Luxor Tours.

The Colossi Of Memnon: The Colossi of Memnon are two huge stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III during the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Located towards the western Egypt, it is one of the most important Luxor attractions. The two giant statues symbolize the king’s rule over Egypt.

Karnak Temple: Tourists are mostly amazed seeing its massive pillars, huge gates and the famous obelisks that have survived the test of nature and time. It is built by ancient Egyptians dedicated to God Amun Re his wife Mut and the son Khnsou.

Luxor Temple: Located on the Coast of Nile River, the Luxor temple is a masterpiece built in ancient Egypt. The archaeological brilliance is seen in the number of sphinxes that are built and connects the temple via walkway to Karnak.

Best Places To Stay In Luxor:

There is quite a good number of options to choose from. So many hotels lie in the city centre providing accommodation with comfort and luxury.

Hilton Luxor Resort and Spa: Located on the East bank of River Nile, it offers fashionable rooms with extra ordinary views. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil environment and their award winning service to have an unforgettable time during their Luxor tour. Its restaurant is known to serve delicious international cuisines that is by far the best in the city.

Sonesta St. George Hotel: The Sonesta St. George Hotel is Located in Luxor East Bank and overlooking the Nile, offers contemporary accommodations with free Wi-Fi in public areas, a health spa and fine dining in its restaurant.The Sonesta St. George Hotel is decorated with luxurious bedding and elegant furnishings, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a TV and mini bar. Most rooms have stunning city or River Nile views.

Steigenberger Nile Palace Luxor: The Steigenberger Nile Palace is situated in the main street of hotels in Luxor and provides modern accommodation with stunning views of the Nile. The spacious rooms are air conditioned and feature satellite TV. Some have a balcony and all are filled with natural light. The Nile Palace Luxor offers a wide choice of restaurants, serving Lebanese and international cuisine.

Pavillon Winter Luxor: Situated at the city centre with luxury rooms and extra-ordinary facilities make this property popular among the tourists. Nearby attractions include the Karnak Temple, Luxor Museum, International Convention Centre, and the Mummification Museum. 

Sofitel Winter Palace: Its location is the best due to its proximity to the city centre. It is a walkable distance from the Luxor temple. Book your stay through Nile Holiday and rejuvenate yourself in any of the rooms in this grandeur. It also offers a marvellous lake view and delicious fusion dishes straight from its grand kitchen.

Best Places to Eat In Luxor:

Luxor being one of the most visited cites of Egypt has got some very good restaurants serving traditional as well as international cuisines.

Sunflower Restaurant: The sunflower restaurant in west bank Luxor, is an extremely wonderful option to taste authentic Egyptian home cooked food. Bursting flavour and delightful taste is something this restaurant promises to offer. The Moussaka with meat is simply the best option one can go for

 The Lantern: Offering Egyptian cuisine, the Lantern is one of the most visited eating outlet in Luxor. Delicious food and attractive interiors is what makes this place a must visit during your Luxor tour.

 Sofra Restaurant: Sofra restaurant is located in downtown, Luxor. They serve classic Egyptian cuisine where traditional dishes are majorly looked for. The stuffed pigeon and duck is their speciality. This rooftop restaurant offers amazing view of the beautiful city that makes it worth visiting.

  • More Restaurants in Luxor, Egypt
  • El Hussein Restaurants at Luxor
  • Georgian Nile View Restaurant
  • African garden cafe & restaurant
  • Al Marsam Restaurant
  • Paris Restaurant
  • Sunflower Restaurant West bank
  • McDonald’s Luxor

Best Places To Shop In Luxor:

Egypt being a country with deep rooted historical and cultural background offer a variety of items to shop for. Some of the best souvenirs can be found in Luxor. Egyptian cotton, Alabaster vases, glass scent bottles, carvings of Pharaohs to name a few can be good gifting materials.

Luxor Market: Luxor market has everything that Luxor has to offer. Some of the best souvenirs to buy in Luxor are Egyptian cotton, alabaster vases & other products from mouldings and carvings of Pharaohs, alabaster factories, silver, glass scent bottles, gold to name a few. Honestly. You even get the best Egyptian spices in Luxor market. You explore so many facts about Egypt through the streets of this local market place during your Luxor tour.

Art Galleries: Art galleries offer beautiful and extra ordinary local art arousing interest and fascination among the travellers. Art galleries are exhibition spaces exhibiting art works of established as well as budding artists. Such places are an absolute bliss for art lovers.

Shop Sandouk: This place offers a wide range of articles to take back home along with you. Hand crafted fashion jewellery and accessories, Hand-woven shawls and bed covers, Souvenirs, home décor, pottery items and a lot more.

Habiba Gallery: A marketing place that offers local producers to display and sell their products in fair pricing. Beautiful handloom textiles with unique embroidery and beadwork can be collected from this well-known shop. Hand beaten brass lamps that are quite popular among the tourists can also be found here.

Sekhmet Alabaster: The place is among the most trusted workshop that displays excellent replicas of the ancient Egyptian art and architecture. All handmade products carved out of materials like alabaster, limestone, granite and many more can be sourced from this place during your Luxor Trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your long pending Luxor Tour with the experienced travel guide at Nile Holiday and enjoy your Egypt Tours hassle free and worry free!

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