21 Top-Rated Things To Do & Tourist Attractions In Cairo

Knowing more and more is like craving.  A beautiful and historic city in Egypt makes maximises this craving. If you ever been to Egypt Tours for travelers, the idea of include the Cairo Tours will be glued to the memory forever. No doubt there are many Things To Do In Cairo will wait you but visiting the incredible monuments and knowing it’s antique history and facts will definitely polish your experience.   Here we are giving to you a certain glance of the magnificent tourism in Tours In Cairo.

1. Pyramids Of City

Despite the warmth, the dust, and also the travellers hustle, you cannot miss a visit here.

The Pyramid of Cheops (also known as the nice Pyramid or Pyramid of Khufu) is that the largest pyramid of the city cluster and its interior of slim passages are explored, though there is not a lot of to visualize, except an apparent spot chamber with AN empty casket.

Directly behind the nice Pyramid is that the star Boat deposit, which displays one in every of the ceremonial star barks unearthed within the space that has been fastidiously renovated to its original glory.

2. The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum

The completely astounding collection of antiquities displayed in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum makes it one in every of the world’s fine museums.

The deposit was supported in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette and stirred to its current home — within the distinctive powder-pink mansion in Downtown Cairo — in 1897. Yes, the gathering is poorly labeled and not well taken off because of the limits of the house. It additionally suffers presently with some empty cases because of artifacts been transferred to the GEM.

Even once the GEM opens, this picture building can still be used as a deposit. It’s not been declared that collections can keep here and which is able to be stirred — apart from the Tutankhamun Galleries, which is able to all eventually be transferred to the GEM.

The Egyptian Museum sits right beside Midan Tahrir, the central sq. of Downtown Cairo. the simplest thanks to arrive here is to require the Cairo railroad line to solon station (on Midan Tahrir) and follow the exit signs to the deposit.

3. Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar musjid is that the finest building of Cairo’s Fatimid era and one in every of the city’s earliest extant mosques, completed in AD 972. It is also one in every of the world’s oldest universities — Muhammadan El-Aziz presented it with the standing of university in AD 988 and these days, Al-Azhar University continues to be the leading system of rules center of the Muslim world.

Al-Azhar musjid is true within the heart of the Muslim Cairo and simple to succeed in by taxi. Al-Azhar Street runs east from Midan Ataba within the downtown space right to the sq. wherever the musjid sits.

4. The Citadel


In a commanding location at the foot of the Mokattam Hills, Cairo’s fastness was engineered by Salah-ad-Din Yusuf ibn-Ayyub in 1176. The first structure he ordered out has long disappeared aside from the Japanese outer walls, however, a heritage of rulers has created their own additions here.

The musjid of Muhammad Ali is that the most known monument and therefore the main reason for visiting. Nicknamed the “Alabaster musjid,” its white stone and tall, disproportionately slender minarets are one in every of Cairo’s nice landmarks. The opposite massive reason to come back over here is the views across the city; head to the Gawhara Terrace for the simplest panorama in the city.

5. Khan el-Khalili (Souq Quarter)

Khan el-Khalili is one in every of the world’s nice-looking experiences. This geographic region souq (bazaar) could be a labyrinthine assortment of thin alleyways established as a looking district in AD 1400 that still rings with the clang of metal employees and silversmiths.

Khan el-Khalili
Khan el-Khalili

The main streets have way back given themselves over utterly to the traveller trade (with lots of low-cost papyrus photos and plastic pyramids on display), however divert off the most drag into the encompassing alleyways, and therefore the little stores and untidy workshops are a number of the simplest places to choose up ancient product in Egypt. Here, you will find everything from antiques and lovely metal lampshades to domestically plain-woven textiles.

While here stop in at Cairo’s most known eating place. Fishawis, wherever syrupy Arabic occasional and sweet tea are dish-shaped resolute tourists and native merchants alike at a rapid-fire pace.

6. Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo)

Coptic Cairo
Coptic Cairo

The Coptic Cairo repository contains a wealth of data on Egypt’s early Christian amount and is home to at least one of Egypt’s finest collections of Coptic art. Next door, the 9th-century Hanging Church contains some lovely samples of Coptic design. Supported within the fourth century, the church was originally engineered over the Roman gate towers and was well remodeled throughout the ninth century.

This little church-filled cluster of tortuous laneways lies among the walls of recent urban centre wherever the Emperor Roman Emperor 1st engineered a defence on the Nile River. Components of the Roman towers still control over the most street.

7. Bab Zuweila

Bab Zuweila
Bab Zuweila

Of all the monotheism Cairo district’s gates, Bab Zuweila is that the most attention-grabbing. You’ll be able to climb to the highest of this medieval era relic (built within the eleventh century) for a few wonderful upside views over monotheism Cairo. The gate itself has 2 minarets and is that the last southern gate of the previous city still standing. Right adjoining is that the red-and-white masonry of the swayer al-Mu’ayyad house of worship and a number of steps farther away are the fascinating craftsman stalls of the road of the Tentmakers, wherever Egypt’s bright cloth used for weddings and alternative special occasions is oversubscribed in bulk

8. Museum Of Monotheism Art

The depository sits on the sting of the monotheism Cairo district, therefore it is a smart place to either begin or finish a visit to the neighbourhood. It’s among simple walking distance (once you’ve got crossed a monstrously busy main road) to Bab Zuweila.

Cairo’s depository of monotheism Art holds one amongst the foremost necessary collections of Middle Eastern prowess within the world. Ottoman tile work, Ayyubid ceramics, frescoes, fine dotted wood-inlay, coinage, etched marble tombstones, and jewel-toned carpets, among alternative things are all on show.

9. Grand Turk Hassan House Of Worship

One of the best samples of Mamluk design within the world, Grand Turk Hassan house of worship could be a vision of Arabic prowess with AN abundance of cylinder particularization and complex arabesque options. it absolutely was in-built 1356-63 for the grand Turk Hassan el-Nasir.

10. Al-Azhar Park

Al-Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park

The gloriously manicured gardens area unit a beautiful place for a night stroll, particularly because the views over the complete recent town area unit beautiful from here at sunset. There also are a handful of excellent restaurants on-the-scene, thus it is the excellent spot for Egypt Activities, up once an extended day of rubber-necking. If you return on the weekend, the park is packed filled with native families escaping the encircling roar of traffic that cocoons the remainder of Cairo.

11. Ibn Tulun House Of Prayer

Ibn Tulun House Of Prayer
Ibn Tulun House Of Prayer

On the mosque’s northern aspect is that the 40-meter-high tower with a fine Moorish arch over the doorway and a spiral stairway moving through the inside. It’s shapely on the minarets of the nice house of prayer of Samarra on the Tigris. If you climb the 173 steps up to its higher platform there are a unit excellent views extending over the ocean of homes to the north, and to the Mokattam Hills within the east.

12. Al-Muizz li-Din Supreme Allah Street

The northern section of Al-Muizz li-Din Supreme Being Street is rimmed by fine Mamluk buildings that are fastidiously rebuilt to their former glory. The Madrassa of as-Salih Ayyub, in-built 1247, could be a showcase of the tranquil simplicity of Moslem design.

13. Manyal Palace

Manyal Palace
Manyal Palace

North finish of Roda Island holds the splendidly ornate Manyal Palace. Once an intensive restoration, that took many years, it’s re-opened to the general public. The buildings here are associate degree eccentric riot of {designs} that cherry-pick influences from each ancient Arabic and palatial European designs, leading to associate degree extraordinary, lavish symphony of interiors.

14. Nilometer

Cairo’s Nilometer, that won’t to live the ebb and flow of the river and predict the annual flood heights. In contrast to the Nilometers you will see in Upper Egypt (such because the extant Nilometer on jumbo Island in Aswan), this one may be a lot of later construction, in-built AD 861.

15. Zamalek


 As with other Egypt Activities , explore to the river island of Gezira is home to the district of Zamalek and therefore the majority of Cairo’s pretentious boutiques and reformist restaurants. Chemical analysis from the middle nineteenth century, the whole space encompasses a clearly European feel to its design with wide boulevards red-rimmed by caviuna wood trees and splendidly ornate girl Époque mansions (many of that are currently home to numerous embassies).

Zamalek is Cairo’s prime eating destination; however the southern tip of Gezira additionally encompasses a clutch of art galleries to explore. The Palace of Arts is housed within the river Grand Hall on the previous Gezira truthful Grounds, and options a schedule of rotating exhibitions in its galleries. Close is that the deposit of recent Egypt Art And Culture, which encompasses a fine assortment of 20th-century Egyptian art together with works by Mahmoud aforementioned and Mahmoud Mukhtar.

16. Saqqara


Sandwiched between Giza and Dahshur in southern Cairo and encircled by palm trees, this archaeological website homes the Step Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt’s oldest stone pyramid.

While the Step Pyramid may be a definite must-see, Pyramid Of Saqqara is home to many alternatives worthy sites, as well as a variety of tombs and a couple of crumbling pyramids. Recent guests suggested sporting sneakers since the world is sandy. And if you would like to relish comfy temperatures whereas exploring the positioning, avoid visiting throughout the summer.

17. Downtown Cairo

Capture a way currently 19th-century Cairo, once the town was nicknamed the “Paris of the East,” take a stroll through the downtown district along with your gaze entertained up at the car-exhaust blackened design instead of on the bedlam at street level. The whole space is chock filled with beautiful however crumbling Miss Époque buildings, that should have looked enormously glamorous once they were 1st engineered. A number of the simplest remnants area unit around Midan Talaat Harb.

18. Place Of Worship Of Al-Hakim

Place Of Worship Of Al-Hakim
Place Of Worship Of Al-Hakim

Caliph Al-hakim is one in every of the foremost fascinating rulers of Egypt. This Fatimid leader was known for his alarming rule over the land, including frequent murders of his royal house staff; nightly patrols of the streets of his town, dressed concealed on a donkey to create positive his subjects were behaving themselves; and provision outer rulings across the country

The mosque assembles in between two old cities district’s most vital gates. Bab el-Futuz on the mosque’s western side and Bab el-Nasr to the east are parallel in form to antique Roman town gates and were both built in 1087..

19. Al-Refa’i Musjid

The importance of Al- Rifai musjid Cairo Egypt came from the burials of the members of the Mohamed Ali family inside the musjid. The musjid is nearly rectangular in form and it consists of 2 sections the first is that the pray house and therefore the ordinal is that the royal tombs and mausoleums.

The pray home is consists of: Quibla Iwan: it had been engineered on a bazilican style; its three riwaqs shaped by four marble piers supporting the pointed arches. Within the middle of this riwaqs is that the dome whereas the ceiling was made up of wood with coloured golden decorations. The Mihrab: it’s set within the centre of the quibla wall. It had been cased with coloured marble and it had golden Stalactites.

20. Memphis

Before the origination of Cairo, the traditional town of Memphis reigned supreme. Neighbouring town on the river, the ruins of Memphis was the primary imperial town on earth. All that continues to be of its former glory area unit the scattered ruins of stone temples, lingering statues and mud-brick necropolises. a number of the highlights here embrace an outsized rock sculpture of Ramses II and a large alabaster sphinx, each of that once guarded the doorway to the Egypt Temple deity, Memphis’ patron god.

21. Dahshur

Cairo Tours And Attraction preferred, the Pyramids of an urban center, draw thousands of holidaymakers each year. Mutually of the first Seven Wonders of the planet, these pyramids have stood the take a look at of your time, remaining intact for roughly four, 500 years. You will find 3 primary pyramids, the simplest proverbial being the nice Pyramid – related to Khufu, the Fourth kinfolk’s ruler buried there.

Cairo Tours
Cairo Tours

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