Traveling Egypt & Experiencing Ancient Places Worth Exploring In Egypt

Egypt and its ancient culture throughout the Nile have captivated and amazed travelers for centuries. From the sand-covered tombs to the dusty barren Sahara desert, Egypt can bring out the adventurer in everyone. Wish to see the top sightseeing places of Egypt on a budget which you can rely on? With our custom Egypt Travel Packages, you can tour according to your schedule!

So When Is The Best Time To Visit Egypt? October to April is usually the Best Time To Visit Egypt due to the mild weather. But to be honest, seasons like June or September are the best time to visit.  You will have the best of both worlds, with fewer people, ok weather, and not too expensive a trip.

Places To Visit In Egypt

Egypt Tours

Don’t have the time and money for the in-depth Egypt Tours? Well, Travelling In Egypt has never been easier or more efficient than with us.  

Nile Holiday will make your Egypt Travel Packages concise and efficient to accommodate any type of schedule and budget!

Visit The Oldest Seventh Wonder Of The Ancient World

The Great Pyramids of Giza along with its sphinx is a must-see place while going for an Egypt Travel. You can visit the Grand Egyptian museum along with thousands of other artifacts! And this is all budget-friendly.

Go On A Tour Of The Ancient Egyptian Capital Memphis

Egypt Tours

When it comes to Tours In Egypt, the great pyramids of Giza are a must any package has to offer. Memphis became the capital of Ancient Egypt. Its great temple, dedicated to the god Ptah, was one of the most prominent structures in the city. Today, the ruins of the former capital offer fragmented evidence of its past. Along with the pyramid of Giza, they have been preserved as a World Heritage Site since 1979.  The site is open to the public as an open-air museum.

Enjoy Ottoman Architecture At The Islamic District Of Cairo

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No Egypt Tour Packages is complete without Cairo Tours. It is a culture-rich district that was built during Ottoman rule. It is a must-see historic site that is recommended by all travel agents for its architecture, mosques, and museums.  This marketplace is always bursting with activity; colorful and crowded.

So Are You Getting In With The Places! But How To Get Around Egypt?

Trains and buses are very well-connected in Egypt. So, Tours To Egypt doesn’t really pose a huge problem. But while in Cairo, taxis and metros are recommended. Metros are only accessible within the main city so you might be required to take a taxi to go further.

So How You Visit Egypt – Is It Safe In Egypt?

Egypt is actually a very safe place. It’s a very tourist-friendly country.

A great point for Travellers about Safety In Egypt! Egypt is nearly crime-free; as Lonely Planet notes, “The frequency of crime, violent or otherwise, in Egypt is negligible compared with many Western countries, and you’re generally safe walking around day or night.”

So, Egypt will be there for more than thousands of years, but you won’t. And before getting it too long, everyone else will catch on that it’s time to start visiting back into Egypt. So stop wasting time, and get to plan your bucket list Egypt Tours of a lifetime.

Want to experience Egypt in all its ancient glory? Come and visit Egypt with Nile Holiday!  

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