Luxuriate In Cairo Excursions After Sundown: Where To Find The City’s Best Nightlife

Any nightlife is the best life on any land as it is always filled with colourful lights and fun.

Nightlife is an important thing to many people because it helps in knowing the country in a better way. Most places around the world offer various experiences that tourists can enjoy at night time. Of all these places, taking Cairo Excursions is one such spectacular country which is full of art, music, and booming culture. So, there’s no doubt that this place got some kick-ass night destinations that you need to visit. But what all is in store for you?

Have a look at this Cairo’s Nightlife guide so that you can definitely witness and enjoy the charm of the country throughout the day and night.

Crimson Cairo

It is concealed on a back street on Zamalek Island. Crimson Cairo has an unbeatable Nile view from its rooftop veranda. Enjoying the view while sipping on a glass of red wine from local wine shop named as Omar Khayyam at one of its tables, while looking at the riverbanks & having the bird’s-eye view of the city lights as an added advantage. Celebrating the last days of the year in such a unique way, place and location is just awesome. 

Cairo Jazz Club

Most underground & secret bands in Egypt materialized after 2011 revolution, which is when the long-standing band by Cairo standards Cairo Jazz Club became a big craze for the night-out parties in Egypt and the second-best place for enjoying the Cairo Tours to the fullest. Despite its name, Cairo Jazz Club’s music choices across the spectrum from indie rock to hip-hop acts. No matter when you stop by, you’re going to hear some of the best bands and their tunes in town.   


To watch and enjoy the more traditional & conservative form of Egyptian entertainment of belly dancing & Arabic music, tourists have to head towards the hipster part of the downtown Cairo near Talaat Harb Street while strolling the routes for the period of Cairo Excursions. You might not get time to stay comfortable here for a long time because the performers sometimes frequently invite members of the audience to join in the show to share some dance moves of their own. Shahrazad bar & cafe is open seven days a week until sunrise, so you might find that your morning plans are postponed after a visit here. Moreover, it is better, if only men such as bachelors must visit such a place.

Cairo Cellar

It has been on the nightlife scene since Egypt was putting an end to the monarchy, the Cairo Cellar is a royal reminder of the past in the basement of The President Hotel, on Zamalek Island. This retro-chic English-style pub with a giant cellar packed with full of liquor such as vodka and wine, and it’s the place where people try the Cellar’s own gin. It is a place where tourists can relax having any kind of alcohol that is good for their taste buds while spending time on Egypt Tours.       

Khan Al Khalili

For a local night out that could last until the early hours of the morning, please head to Khan Al Khalili market, a centuries-old shopping area. Just get lost amongst the souq’s brightly lit-up alleyways and then eventually find yourself at Fishawi’s or around the corner from the Mosque of Sayyidna Al Hussein to one of the many multi-coloured stalls for BasBousa, a semolina-based dessert, mizzled with extra sweet syrup, or pistachio crushed with whipped cream on top of Kunafeh, a highly addictive dessert of tattered dough and cream cheese. A classic way to cover up the night is with a cup of hot mint tea while playing a game or two of backgammon.


Downtown Cairo has a hot music scene, and Zigzag is the host. The newly opened venue is home to all sorts of music beats such as African, South American and electronic. While bands or DJs get to set up & visitors can grab the nearest table and order one of the best dishes such as mojitos in town. Though it’s almost packed for the most part of the time, still the dance floor has enough space to squeeze in some more people. Thus anyone who is on Trips To Egypt can reserve the tickets via a Facebook message & application while putting on the best outfit for the dance bar.  

Believe it or not, Cairo, as well as the whole of Egypt, has changed a lot before & after the 2011 revolution. A lot of development-related works are taking place in Egypt to make it more suitable and lucrative for travellers and backpackers. Through Cairo Excursions, all the holidaymakers and vacationers can see the difference themselves. If you have your own ideas regarding the tour of Egypt then please visit us @ to know more details about Egypt’s Tour Packages. In case you are interested, you can book the one which is more suitable for you. 

We are sure you will have the best nightlife experience. Happy travelling!

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