Tour To Dendera And Abydos Temples
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Dendera And Abydos Tour

Visit two spectacular ancient temples on a full-day trip from Luxor to Dendera and Abydos Temples. Seti’s temple “Abydos” is one of the main historical sites in Egypt and is dedicated to Osiris, the god of the underworld. Dendera Temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, love, happiness and joy. Both Temples are much less visited than other Nile temples


  • Pick up services from your hotel in Luxor and return

  • All transfer by a private air-conditioned vehicle

  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sights

  • Qualified Egyptologist tour guide

  • Bottled water during the tour

  • All taxes & service charge

  • Excluded

  • Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Tipping

  • Your Nile Holiday tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor to visit the temples of Dendera and Abydos. Dendera Temple of the goddess Hathor is one of the most complete in Egypt and was built during Ptolemaic period (332 – 30 B.C). It is one of the few Egyptian temples where it is still possible to walk on the roof and admire the attractive surrounding countryside. One of the temple’s most distinctive features is its unusual hypostyle hall featuring capitals of the goddess Hathor in her celestial bovine form, the beautiful ceiling depicts the hours of the day and night as well as the journey of the sun, moon and the stars across the sky. One of its ceilings is decorated with a plaster cast of the zodiac signs. Not only that but this temple has the only relief which represented the infamous Cleopatra and her son by Julius Caesar.

    Drive on to visit Abydos Temple, the cult center of the god Osiris and gateway to the underworld (believed to lie under the nearby hills), it was a popular place of pilgrimage and burial. The temple of Seti I at Abydos was one of the holiest sites in the world, built around 1300 BC by Seti and his son Ramses II. It is especially notable for its fine reliefs, considered among the best of the ancient Egyptian art. Abydos temple is well noted for the seven sanctuaries, which contain the best reliefs in the temple. From left, the small sanctuaries are dedicated to Seti I, Ptah, Re-Herakhte, Amun, Osiris, Isis and Horus. The Abydos king’s list is considered by Egyptologists to be one of the most important “documents” in their field. After finished, transfer back to your hotel in Luxor.



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    Dendera And Abydos Tour

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